Joan K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and his friends are going to continue the business Dumbledore. In Hogwarts you can not go back, the Ministry of Magic and Voldem de Mort they are looking for Harry Potter and his friends.

Will Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione keep friendship and survive? The book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" will tell about it!

Each subsequent part of the "Harry Potter" was getting tougher, bloodier and angrier. Expect something similar, but still the book shocked. There was an impression that the characters did not anger Rowling. she dealt with them with the mad cruelty of a serial killer.

In the book, with varying degrees of detail, death was described approximately twenty one people, one snake and one owl. Twenty-three characters - horror! Each had its own name, its individuality, its description.

Why all this is unknown. For better disclosure of the horror of war or simply because too many heroes have accumulated? Yes, in reality, death is meaningless and almost always unjustified, but in books every murder of a character usually serves some purpose. What is the purpose of such an all-out extermination?

Quotations from the book

"Parents," says Harry, "should not abandon children unless ... unless they are forced to do so."

"Yes, Quirrell was a wonderful teacher," Harry said loudly, "with only one small flaw: Volan de Mort was sticking out of his head from him."

"Because sometimes you need to think not only about your own salvation! Sometimes you need to think about the common good! "

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