Employment abroad

Employment abroad - for many the most cherished dream. And that all the dreams and hopes of the applicant do not break into smithereens about the harsh reality, work abroad should be looked for correctly. How can this be done?

Very often, applicants seek to get any job, if only abroad. But we must face the truth: for work abroad are required, basically, workers of low qualification or in general without qualifications, which are paid accordingly.

Less frequently in demand are highly qualifiedspecialists, but if they are specialists in the field of medicine, IT, law or finance, engineering, they can count on a decent income - knowledge and professional experience are valued abroad.

Employment abroad can be carried out in several ways. The first way is independent employment. The applicant himself, using the Internet or his ownfriends looking for a foreign company, he collects the necessary package of documents, he takes care of obtaining a work visa. Upon arrival, the applicant, again, independently searches for housing and generally solves all organizational issues.

Is this a convenient way of finding employment abroad? Hardly. Bureaucratic rigmarole with documents, considerable expenses, high risk of staying without money, and without work - all this is very unpleasant. Therefore, for job placement abroad applicants mainly use the services of domestic and international recruitment agencies.

Employment abroad with the help of a specialized recruitment agency has a number of advantages: the applicant receives certain guarantees andprotection, all documents are legalized. However, these advantages do not have a place if the employment agency abroad is an unscrupulous office, and all their guarantees are "literary diploma".

How to find a good job agency abroad?

Before you start looking for work abroad and the relevant agency, you should determine for yourself purpose of the trip. Will this be a temporary job or a goal?employment - getting a long-term job and a residence permit? Do you want to get a job in the specialty or will you be satisfied with any job? All these questions will be asked in the recruitment agency.

You also need to assess your level of language skills the country in which you intend tofind a job. English, as one of the most common international languages, is useful in most cases. But in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, knowledge of the national languages ​​will be required.

When choosing an agency,that only those agencies which, in addition to the main state constituent and permissive documents, have the right to carry out such activities the relevant license. Such a license is issued to the agency only if it has a contract with a foreign partner-employer.

In Russian federation the license is issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation and has a strictly defined number. This number consists of a five-digit number, necessarily beginning with a combination of "152", the combination of "RF" and a three-digit serial number of the license (example: 15299 RF 777). Another order of signs is not a license number.

The license number must be specified inadvertisements of the agency, and in the agency itself information about the license should be placed in a prominent place - in the "customer corner." By the phone number of the migration service, which you can find in the directory or ask at the agency, you can verify the legality of the license.

The next thing to look for when choosing an employment agency abroad is competence of the agency staff. Judging the professionalism and competence of the agency's managers can be already at the stage of telephone conversation.

If during a telephone conversation the manager can not directly answer any question, "Dumps" the responsibility for the "absent"chief or complains about excessive workload, then do not even waste time visiting the office - explanatory explanations from the staff you will not get.

If you still came to the office of the agency,Please look carefully. An untidy kind of office, lack of necessary office equipment, shabby furniture should alert you - the agency is clearly not going to linger in this place.

When visiting an agency, beware of suggestionstype "in the morning money - in the evening chairs." If you have not done anything yet, but already require an unlimited amount of money, if for a certain advance payment your data is promised to be included in the mythical "database" - do not believe it. In a decent agency money will be taken from you only for the services actually rendered: collecting documents, issuing visas, directly employing, etc.

During your visit to the employment agency abroad, do not hesitate to ask questions. You have every right to demand from managersagency information about the country you are traveling to, the future work place, the terms of payment, the terms of the employment contract, the schedule of work, etc. Such information is provided to the agency by a foreign partner company.

Employment abroad
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