Treachery in the CollegeThe protagonist of the film "The tricks in college" Charlie Bartlett lives with her mother in a hugemansion and drives a car with a personal chauffeur. Not life, but a fairy tale! But not everything is so smooth. For a peculiar sense of humor and petty hooliganism Charlie was kicked out of all the elite private schools in the city, and he had to go to the most ordinary school.

Of course, Charlie did not think that he would be met in a newschool with open arms, but a skirmish with a hooligan and bathing in the toilet on the first day of school is too much! Arriving home, Charlie heals bruises and thinks how to turn him from an outcast if not into a school star, then at least "his boyfriend."

The idea of ​​Charlie at first glance looks absurd,but in practice it turns out to be quite effective. He organizes a psychoanalysis cabinet in the school closet and gives his comrades life advice - absolutely free of charge! A "in the appendage" invites them to buy psychotropic drugs, which he prescribed a family therapist.

But the directors are alarmed by the long lines intoilet and the sudden popularity of Charlie - especially given his "track record." And in addition to everything Charlie is also starting to meet with the director's daughter, Susan. Will his exploits get away with it?

Information about the film

  • Name: Treachery in the College

  • Original name: Charlie Bartlett

  • Tagline: When Charlie Bartlett listens everyone talks

  • Year: 2007

  • A country: USA

  • Genre: comedy, drama

  • Producer: John Poll

  • Cast: Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr., Hope Davis, Cat Denings, and others.

  • Scenario: Gustin Nash

  • World premiere: 1 May 2007

  • Premiere in the Russian Federation: May 15, 2008

  • Duration: 97 minutes

Interesting Facts

  • Limo Charlie - the classic Mercedes Benz Pullman in 1969, such cars were produced only two hundred.

  • Jake Epstein, who played the captain of the football team, to prepare for the role joined the real football team.

  • The name of the psychiatrist in the last scene is P. Sarossi, and the name of the film's operator is Paul Sarossi.

  • Hope Davis twice performed the role of the mother of the hero Anton Yelchin: in the films "The tricks in the college" and "Hearts in Atlantis."

Trailer for the movie "The tricks in college"

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