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Every day is the same. Girl Mei (Lu Huang) sits in front of the diner and flips through the magazine. Her job is to look after billiard tables, standing at the bar. "We need to escape from this God-forgotten place," thinks May.

Drama "She, a Chinese woman" describes the history of a modern girl trying to free herself from the shackles of tradition. This is the second, a little bit autobiographical motion picture of writer and director Xiaolu Guowho grew up in a small fishing village and fled to Beijing, and then in London, where she became famous.

However, the heroine of the film life is not so rosy. May tries to escape to the big city, but there are disappointments waiting for her. The girl gets a job as a seamstress, but she immediately loses this place.

The heroine falls in love with the killer, having obtained from hisWith money, she travels to London, a city where she hopes to find her own happiness. However, not everything is so simple: in the capital the girl feels completely alien and useless.

"She, a Chinese woman" - a complicated and tense picture, which requires constant reflection from the viewer.

Producer Xiaolu Guo creates a prototype of all those young people who have a feeling that the Chinese progress, about which they talk so much, bypasses them. May - this is not a character, but a projection, and the film itself is intended to shed light on the harsh reality, rather than to call for action.

year 2009

a country Germany, France, Great Britain


Lu Huang

Wei Yi Bo

Jeffrey Hutchings

Chris Riemann

Hsinyi Liu

producer Xiaolu Guo

scenario Xiaolu Guo

producer Suzanne Alizart, Sylvain Birsten, Peter Carlton

operator Zillah Bowes

composer John Parish

genre drama

premiere August 14th, 2009

premiere (RF) July 8, 2010

time 103 min.

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