How to install the player on your computer
Today, no user can imaginecomputer without the possibility of playing audio or video. As you know, this requires a specific program that has this function. In this article, how to install the player on your computer.

First of all, to play media files you will need to install so-called codecs - special programs for data conversion. But some codecs will not be enough, it is still necessary to use an application that will deal directly with playing music and movies. There are quite a few paid and free programs intended for this.

To install the player on your computer, you need to download it. Consider this installation with the example program Media Player Classic, which can be downloaded for free fromthe official website of the program. It should be noted that this player is distributed completely free of charge, in addition, you can find its source code, as evidenced by license GNU GPL. Media Player Classic is not a cross-platform application and works only under the Windows operating system. However, it is translated into more than 20 languages, which speaks of popularity.

The size of the distribution is less than 3 MB,so it will load quickly enough. After downloading, run the installer. The installation procedure is the most common installation of an application for Windows. First, a dialog box appears, on which you just need to click on the button "Further". Then you will need to consent to the license agreement by clicking the button "I agree". After that, a window will appear where you can select the components of the program to install. We recommend to note everything for reliability of the correct operation of the application.

Next, you must select the installation path. By default, the program will be installed in the C: Program FilesMedia Player Classic folder. Here you can not change anything and just click on the button "Install". After a short installation, the program can be used.

Despite the light weight and simplicity of the interface, it perfectly copes with the reproduction of all major media formats, among which Video CD, DVD, AudioCD, MP3, AVI. Also this player can play Flash movies and even produce capture video from a TV tuner. In addition, the developers have implemented support for subtitles and command line.

Even with the help of this program can even view damaged video files. However, its main advantage is a relatively small load of RAM.

It's not at all necessary to stop your choiceplayer on Media Player Classic. On the Internet, quite a lot of programs designed to play both audio and video. For example, a very popular application is paid application jetAudio, which has a wide range of settings: from the equalizer to the possibility of changing the key of the reproduced tracks.

Separately it is necessary to say about the program Adobe Flash Player, intended for viewing video andlistening to audio through social networks. The fact is that today many users watch movies and listen to music online directly from the browser, without making independent download of media files.

As you could see, it's quite easy to install the player on a computer. The main thing is to make sure before downloading the distribution that the program will work on your operating system.

How to install the player on your computer
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