How to cut music from video
Quite often after watching a movie or some video, there is a desire to get the used soundtrack, which made an impression. In this article, how to cut music from video.

To resort to such procedure it is necessary, when to find the music involved in a film it is impossible or simply there is no opportunity to load it from the Internet. First of all Need some software to work with video files.

In order to cut music from the video, you can use the program VirtualDub. It is distributed completely free of charge, andThe distribution kit for installing this application can be easily found on the World Wide Web. In addition, its size is small enough, so it will take a little time to load.

Installing this program does not represent anything complicated. After running the executable file of the distribution you will only need to choose the installation path. The rest of the installer will do it yourself.

After launching the VirtualDub application, enter the menu "File" and select «Open video file». In the dialog that appears, specify the path to the desired video file. Having opened it, put the first mark on the beginning of the video, and the second - on the first frame of the fragment with the music you like. Now press the Delete key to delete the part of the video that goes before the music track. Further put the first mark on the last frame of the fragment with the music, and the second - on the last frame of the entire video. Click Delete again.

Now the program has only a small part of the video with the necessary musical fragment. Enter the menu "File" and select «Save WAV». After that, the audio file in WAV format will be saved, which still has to be worked on.

In order to make an audio file of MP3 format, you need a program Free WAV MP3 Converter. It is also free, and allThe necessary files for its installation can be easily found on the Internet. In addition, if the WAV file is small, you can use online converters to avoid installing extra programs on your computer. An example of such a service is, where you can process not only audio files, but even images.

In addition, with this task can handle the application Windows Movie Maker, which comes bundled with the operating system Windows. It is enough just to save the selected WAV-file to MP3 format. Now the song is ready, you can copy it to an MP3 player and listen.

Also worth mentioning is that there is another way to cut music from the video using the same programs. In the VirtualDub application, you can do without cutting out unnecessary pieces of the track. You could just save the entire sound of the movie in one WAV file, and then cut out the desired piece using the Free WAV MP3 Converter program or Windows Movie Maker.

Another point worth mentioning about the free program Lucky Video Converter, which is able to cut music not only from video files on the computer's hard drive, but also from YouTube videos. The application has a very simple and intuitive interface, so every user can work with it.

Among the paid software can be identified Sony Vegas - A program for video editing, capable of converting both video and audio in various formats.

As you could see, cutting out music from the video is easy enough. All that is needed for this is software, which can be found and downloaded from the Internet. We hope that the information in this article will help you to cut out the audio track from the video file.

How to cut music from video
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