External usb drive

External usb drives are very popular today. These remarkable devices allow you to significantly expand the amount of permanent memory of a personal computer or laptop without the need to "get inside the system".

External usb drives (external hdd drives,external hard drives, external hard drives, external hard drives) are often called "flash drive killers" because these devices work faster than traditional flash-drives and have much more capacity.

External usb drives are 2.5- and 3.5-inch. The first are more compact, quieter work, but theyslower than the latter and have a smaller volume. Due to its small size, 2.5-inch external usb drives are good for use in travel, traveling. 3.5-inch external usb drives are usually used for desktop PCs.

What are external usb drives? These are the same conventional hard drives, onlycompactly packed in a metal or plastic casing. External usb drives in metal "boxes" are less susceptible to mechanical damage, besides, the metal acts as a radiator, giving heat to the environment. In the case of external usb drives can be built in a cooler.

External usb drives, which is obvious,connect to the computer via usb-interface, and supports both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standards. In addition, many models of external usb drives have a FireWire interface, which is considered to be faster than usb, and also often have an Ethernet interface.

To connect external usb drives to your PC via USB interface 2.0 does not need any additional drivers - the operating system itself will find and recognize the device. To connect external usb drives to FireWire drivers are required.

Power external usb drives get either from the bus usb, or directly from the mains by using a special adapter. In the latter case, work with the device somewhere on the road, away from the outlets, becomes impossible.

When you select an external usb drive, the requirements for the device are almost the same as for the choice of the usual "internal" hard disk.

Capacity and rotation speed of external usbdrives, as a rule, less than similar in cost of hard drives. Popular models with a capacity of 120, 250, 320, 500, 640 GB, 1 and 2 TB, as well as with a rotation speed of 5400 and 4500 rpm. External hard drives with a speed of 7200 rpm are more expensive, but also popular.

Why do we need external usb drives? External usb drives, first of all, are necessary for expansion of memory of laptops and other mobile devices, after all to replace their internal details it is extremely difficult.

But for desktop PCs external usb drivescan do a good job. In particular, if the space of the computer case does not allow the placement of several hard drives or the motherboard does not support modern hard disks of "large size", an external usb drive can become a real rescue.

External usb drive
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