Soin Vegetal Corps Tanning Lotion

3 in 1 Moisturizing Body care for the elasticity of the skin with the effect of sunburn a series Soin Vegetal Corps - Vegetative Body Care - created for the beauty of the body in the summer.

This care combines a Polynesian tiara flower,giving the silhouette gracefulness, Madagascar Goth coke, giving tone, the juice of the Mexican agave-bio for its moisturizing properties and an active element giving a light tint.

Ingredients of plant origin:

extract of Polynesian tiara flower, Madagascar Gothu cola, agave juice and sesame oil extracted from biologically pure cultures, Madagascar magnifer.

The remedy was dermatologically controlled.

Leaves a sensationally new fragrance on the skin.


Daily apply to the body with a uniform layer. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Avoid contact with water for 3 hours. Does not protect against sunlight.

The secret of wildlife:

Tiara is a small shrub with white flowersin the form of asterisks, it grows on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. From August to April, buds of yellow flowers are carefully collected every morning until sunrise. To keep intact all of their useful properties, flowers are immediately dropped into coconut oil. So begins the process of maceration, which gives an oily extract - a beneficial balm for the beauty of your skin.

Researchers of Laboratories of Herbal CosmeticsYves Rocher specially selected the flower Tiara, collected in Tahiti, subject to the laws of the ecological economy, for its smoothing and shading beauty properties.

Yves Rocher Soin Vegetal Corps

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