Complex care for the body MINCEUR CAFÉ VERT "Slender silhouette for 14 days" from Yves Rocher - for those who dream of a noticeable result in 2 weeks, researchers in the field of Plant Cosmetics Yves Rocher offer a double effect "slenderness + firmness" in just 14 days.

Try this tool - the results are amazing, scientific studies confirm.

At the start, attention, forward for a slender silhouette in a short time!

Ingredients of plant origin:

green coffee bean, Gotu kola extract, ginseng extract, Indian chestnut extract, sesame oil extracted from organic cultures, purified afloy extract.

A green coffee extract is obtained with a 100% natural extraction process.


Within 14 days, in the morning and in the evening, rub the remedy on problem areas (thighs, buttocks) or on the whole figure in a circular motion until completely absorbed.

Its non-greasy texture allows you to dress immediately after use.

Do not use during pregnancy.

It is easily flammable (keep away from heat sources).

The secret of wildlife:

To intensively influence the figure during the14 days, researchers in the field of Vegetable Cosmetics Yves Rocher have developed a combination of green coffee, 3 times more effective than coffeine, with Goth Cola.

The grain of green coffee is an active natural component that affects slenderness and reduces "deposits" (patented).
It significantly reduces the deposition of fat cells, thus reducing their volume.

Gotu Kola, a component of a strong strengthening effect, discovered the properties of active stimulation of collagen production, the proof of its intensive strengthening properties.

The combination of plant active elements in the composition allows to achieve an appreciable result as quickly as possible.

Proven effectiveness:

The effective return of elasticity is scientifically confirmed in 81% of cases *.

* Scientific research involving 40 women, with a two-day daily application for 14 days. These women have not changed their eating habits and physical activity.

Efficiency is confirmed under medical supervision.

Yves Rocher Minceur Cafe Vert

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