Soin Vegetal Corps Velvet Lotion

Moisturizing body care for velvety skin a series Soin Vegetal Corps - Vegetable Body Care - designed to moisturize normal and dry skin.

Researchers at the Laboratory of Plant Cosmetics Yves Rocher picked up the ingredients

: the juice of the Mexican agave, extracted from organic cultures, for its moisturizing properties + the cognac amorphophallus resin, which makes the skin incredibly pleasant to the touch.

Ingredients of plant origin:

juice of agave and sesame oil extracted from organic cultures, resin of amorphophallus cognac, Madagascar magnifer.

The remedy was dermatologically controlled.

Gives the skin a magnificent velvety.


Apply on the body in the morning or evening.

The secret of wildlife:

In the Mexican deserts, in the scorching aridsoils, this perennial herbaceous plant forms a rosette of broad fleshy leaves: agave. In the heart of these leaves a flowing flow of life-giving juice, which allows the plant to survive, drawing strength from its reserves.

It is for this exceptional property to survive inharsh environment, without drying out, researchers of Laboratories of Herbal Cosmetics Yves Rocher specifically selected the agave to moisturize dry skin. Selected agave juice is extracted from the Mexican Tequila, or the Blue Agave, obtained from organic cultures.

Yves Rocher Soin Vegetal Corps

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