Digital IXUS 200 ISModel Digital IXUS 200 IS provides a feeling of complete and incredibly convenient control over the process of shooting thanks to the touch screen.

The whole world is in your hands

12.1 megapixel camera Digital IXUS 200 IS will fit into the frame all that you want,because it is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens with a focal length of 24 mm (first used in the Digital IXUS model) and a 5x optical zoom. For the first time the lens is 24 mm. An excellent lens with greater coverage than standard wide-angle lenses, makes it possible to photograph landscapes in all their splendor, as well as large groups of people. Thanks to a 5x optical zoom, you can zoom in on the subject and create an off-screen portrait or a close-up.

The first Canon model with a touch screenmakes the process of shooting unprecedented simple and easy. Just one touch, you can view the pictures or define the settings. Do you photograph your friends? On a large 3-inch screen, touch the image of the person you want to focus on Digital IXUS 200 IS will do the rest. The selected person will be constantly in focus, which will allow to shoot it in any foreshortening. With a simple finger movement, you can view, protect, rotate, delete and mark photos as "Favorites."

Comfortable and fast, Digital IXUS 200 IS differs from traditional models in that it provides the user with a natural, intuitive way to manage. In the mode Smart Auto With the scene definition function, it's easy enoughpress the shutter release button, knowing that the camera will do all the difficult work related to selecting the parameters of the shooting for you. And thanks to the technology of face recognition, your friends will get in the pictures perfectly.

Digital IXUS 200 IS is characterized by exceptional ease of use. Function Active Display allows you to view images by moving and tilting the camera. A convenient menu system with prompts, implemented in all new products of the range Canon Digital IXUS, help quickly understand the modes and settings.

Digital IXUS 200 IS It is available in four colors: blue, gold, purple and silver. Simplicity and touch control is combined in it with superstyle design.

Take a video to share your memories

New camera ruler Digital IXUS along with photography, they can record videohigh definition (720 points). You can capture a party, a sports game or a trip to exotic places to save all your memories.

Digital IXUS 100 IS
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