Digital IXUS 95 IS
In a compact 10-megapixel Digital IXUS 95 IS there is a mode Smart Auto, developed by Canon to create unsurpassed images without too much effort.

Digital IXUS 95 IS - this is an ultra-stable camera for all occasions, which came to replace Digital IXUS 80 IS. Its body is made in silvery, gray,blue or pink. The 3x optical zoom provides excellent framing, and Canon's optical image stabilizer allows you to forget about blurry pictures forever.

Created for stunning shots

Thanks to high resolution - 10 megapixelsYou can print huge photos of A2 + format and cut out fragments of pictures without losing detail. The Canon DIGIC 4 processor delivers the highest performance cameras capable of creating rich, clear images with minimal noise and excellent color reproduction.

Beautiful and smart

The camera has a mode Smart Auto - it is designed to receiveexcellent results with little effort. In this mode, Canon's scene recognition technology is used, which analyzes the frame space, taking into account the brightness, the contrast of the subject, the focusing distance and the overall background. After that, the camera automatically selects the optimal mode from 18 possible options, which guarantees the use of the correct settings for any scene.

Through the use of a processor DIGIC 4 Intel's intelligent technologies have become even moreeffective. Improved motion detection technology allows you to shoot moving objects without blurring the image. i-Contrast improves the brightness of dark areas without damaging the areas with proper exposure. Face recognition technology can distinguish between multiple faces in a frame and adjust settings to obtain the best result. Option FaceSelf-Timer simplifies group shooting and creationself-portraits: the shutter goes down only after the user returns to the frame. For automatic correction of "red eyes" a special function is used, which allows to eliminate the undesirable effect from the flash and immediately during the shooting, and after its termination.

In addition, this model uses a new, improved interface - now it's even easier and more convenient to work with the camera.

Videos and more

  • Digital IXUS 95 IS shoots video clips with VGA resolution, including in Long Play mode, designed for long clips.

  • The camera is equipped with a 2.5-inch LCD displayPureColor LCD II, which allows you to build a frame and view images with high brightness and detail. As an alternative, you can use an optical viewfinder when shooting.

  • compact, stylish device in silver, gray, blue or pink case

  • 10 megapixels

  • 3x optical zoom and optical image stabilizer

  • Smart Auto with scene recognition technology

  • Processor DIGIC 4, providing speed and excellent image quality

  • Blur compensation using image stabilization and motion detection technology

  • The Face Recognition function, the FaceSelf-Timer function and the automatic red-eye reduction make it easy to take pictures of people

  • 2.5-inch LCD display PureColor LCD II

  • The i-Contrast function improves the brightness of the dark areas without damaging the areas with proper exposure


The Digital IXUS 95 IS provides a special menu for quick access to direct print functions. Standard support PictBridge allows users to print photos on any printer that supports this standard, directly, without using a PC.


The Digital IXUS 95 IS interface supports 26languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, Romanian, Ukrainian and Farsi.

Memory card support

In addition to SD, SDHC and MMC memory cards, the Digital IXUS 95 IS supports MMCplus and HC MMCplus formats.

Optional Accessories

With the Digital IXUS 95 IS you can use the following accessories:

  • soft case - (DCC-60);

  • leather or metal strap for Digital IXUS digital cameras;

  • high-power flash (HF-DC1);

  • AC adapter kit - (ACK-DC40);

  • Waterproof case (at a depth of 40 m) (WP-DC29);

  • cargo for waterproof case (WW-DC1).

Digital IXUS 95 IS

Description of technologies


Image processing processor Canon DIGIC 4controls all key camera functions for maximum efficiency. Advanced image processing algorithms provide the transfer of the smallest details and hues, as well as an accurate white balance. The results of high data processing speed - an exceptional sensation of the camera, fast autofocusing and a long duration of continuous shooting. The DIGIC 4 processor provides advanced noise reduction technology, i-Contrast, Face Detection with AF correction, AE, exposure lock and white balance adjustment, as well as new scene recognition technology.

Scene Recognition Technology

In Smart Auto mode, recognition technologyThe scene, developed by Canon, analyzes the space of the frame, taking into account the brightness, the contrast of the subject, the focusing distance and the overall background. After that, for each scene, the optimal settings of 18 possible options are automatically selected. A colored icon appears on the LCD screen, indicating the type of scene recognized and the lighting conditions. In Easy mode, this icon is not displayed; Thus, the Easy mode remains as simple as possible and there is nothing to distract the user.

Thanks to the Smart Auto mode, the user canbe sure that the camera will automatically select all the necessary settings to ensure the optimal result - even when shooting at night, photographing moving or maximum approximate objects, scenes with back lighting, sunsets. Smart Auto mode increases the dynamic range for brightly lit scenes to suppress unwanted light glare, and reduces it for low-contrast objects. In addition, when you shoot the sky, the saturation of the blue color is automatically adjusted.

Face Detection with AF, AE, Lock Exposure and White Balance, Blink Detection, Face Select and FaceSelf-Timer

The first function automatically recognizes facespeople in the frame, then adjusts the focus, exposure, flash and white balance to achieve the optimum result. The technology is able to highlight the faces that want to capture the photographer, and if the photo is group, the 9-point AiAF intelligent autofocus is activated. Thanks to the advantages of DIGIC 4, now the system can even more quickly and accurately determine faces at an angle or profile. The blink detection function instantly warns the user about closed eyes in the picture (for example, if someone blinks). Immediately after shooting, a warning icon appears on the display, so you can immediately resample the picture. The FaceSelf-Timer function makes it easy to create group photos: the shutter automatically descends after a new face appears in the frame.


The Canon i-Contrast function can be used as ain the shooting mode, and in the playback mode. It analyzes exposure, dynamic range and other characteristics, and then increases the degree of detail in dark areas without compromising the areas with proper exposure. The DIGIC 4 noise reduction function guarantees a minimum noise level in the corrected zones.

Optical Image Stabilizer

The three-stage stabilization system allowsimprove the quality of photos in places with poor lighting and when shooting in telephoto mode, when the vibrations become more significant. Miniature gyroscopic sensors detect camera shift caused by hand trembling. These signals (4000 per second) are processed by the image stabilizer chip, which distinguishes vibrations caused by hand trembling from deliberate movement of the camera. They are then transferred to the image stabilizer block, which appropriately shifts the lens elements to correct the light rays and eliminate unwanted effects caused by shaking.

To improve accuracy and sensitivityMovable elements of the lens are supported by miniature ceramic spheres. In addition to reducing vibrations, the use of ceramic spheres avoids such problems typical for metallic elements as increased thermal conductivity and magnetic properties.

Motion Detection Technology

In Smart Auto mode, motion detection technology uses several methods to determine the movement of both the camera and the subject.

  • Change brightness - determined using the function of auto exposure;

  • Changing the image in the frame - determined by the shift of pixels;

  • Movement of the face - is determined by the technology of face recognition;

  • Camera shake - determined by the image stabilization system.

After that, the automatic settingISO sensitivity and shutter speed, which allows you to minimize blurring of the image and receive photos of the highest quality. The DIGIC 4 processor provides new benefits of motion recognition technology. When faces are detected, the shutter speed varies depending on the speed of their movement. The degree of camera shake is also taken into account.

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