altWedding hairstyle - this is the inalienablean element without which the image of the bride will remain unfinished. The purpose of the fashionable wedding hairstyle of 2015 is, first of all, to emphasize the dignity and beauty of the bride, illuminating her image with radiance and inimitable tenderness. It is for this purpose that designers have chosen chic locks and delicate braids - wedding trends of 2015.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair

The choice of hair depends on many factors - the length, thickness and nature of the hair, the oval face, style and style of dresses and veils.

Beautiful long hair is an ornament of anygirls. And for the bride's hairstyle is the best option, because on long hair you get just fabulously beautiful styling. In the wedding fashion of 2015, the priority is given to the classic and bohemian style in the evening styling. Therefore, in 2015, stylists advise long-haired brides to choose styling based on loose curls and hairstyles with openwork braids. Also, long hair is recommended to decorate with stylish hair clips and accessories.altalt

Wedding hairstyles with flowing hair

Just loose hair is also welcomefashion designers this year. After all, wedding hairstyles with flowing hair look always gorgeous and touching. To any wedding along will approach and gentle curls. In addition, these magnificent curls will suit not only the bride - this hair style is universal, that is appropriate at any event: a beach party or a reception, a walk around the city or a trip to the theater. Especially good curls look on long hair and medium hair. The main thing is to avoid deliberately "chemical" curls that look unnatural and only spoil the romantic image of the bride. But curled with large curls, decorated with hairpins or flowers, will look amazing!altaltalt

Wedding hairstyles with braids

Scythe - a constant classic, remaining in vogue onfor many years. Hairstyles with braids - "hit" and this season. In 2015, still open in the fashion openwork braids, which should seem slightly careless. Spit braided on one side or wrapped around the head, plaits, seven-stranded and six-strand braids - all these are interesting wedding options.

Very nice looking, woven into braidsflagella and ribbons in the tone of the dress, fresh flowers and small hairpins. However, deliberate simplicity is also quite appropriate, especially for a minimalistic style. Such a wedding hairstyle though it is easy, but it looks very impressive. And when it is decorated with a rim with artificial flowers, then the hairdo gets a really festive look.altaltalt

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