altWedding - one of the most pleasant and joyfulevents in life. And if for a happy couple the choice of festive outfits is determined by the wedding traditions, then for the invited guest will put one of the eternal questions: "What to wear for the wedding?". Therefore, we suggest you to learn about the basic subtleties of a wedding dresscoat. Following our simple advice, you can easily choose the kind of outfit that will be appropriate for the wedding ceremony.

Basic rules of a wedding dresscoat: recommendations to women

When choosing a wedding order, immediately excludeclothes are white. White is the color of the bride and you should not visually intercept the attention of others around you. It is best to give preference to calm, not catchy shades. So the dress of turquoise, lilac, pink, blue, lilac shade is ideal. It is also important to remember that gloomy dark colors are not suitable for a wedding celebration. Therefore, avoid brown, blue, gray, black.altalt

As for the style, then choose romanticmodel. Give up too eccentric and vulgar outfits. No dresses with indecently deep decollete or too short skirt. Also remember that you will have to walk for a long time, so your outfit should be comfortable.altalt

Shoes and handbags should match the color and style of the dress. Shoes choose necessarily at a comfortable heel, because ahead of the evening of dancing and competitions!

The final element of the image for the wedding will be decorations. Give preference to time-tested classics - silver, pearls, diamonds.

The basic rules of a wedding dresscoat: what to wear to a man

Snow white tuxedo or black suit is destinythe groom. Invited men should wear a classic suit of neutral tones: gray, beige, coffee, blue. Shoes must be in tune with the clothes you choose. Create a unique stylish image for a wedding can be with the appropriate accents. So, for example, an original tie or a bright shirt will help to bring individualities into your outfit for the wedding ceremony. Pay attention and appearance - inaccurate haircut and lack of manicure can spoil the whole impression.altalt

If the celebration is not expected too muchofficial, you can choose a freer style, for example, good jeans and a stylish shirt. However, it is worthwhile to agree this moment with the future newlyweds. After all, your extravagant outfit will be appropriate for a stylized wedding, but the solemnity of a traditional ceremony, he can break.altaltalt

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