Ornaments from the wire: photo master-class

Wire is not only easy to handle, flexible and convenient material, but also material with a special, low-key beauty.

Metal bends of wire can bereal masterpieces of jewelry, and the art of creating them is common today with Western handmade masters and is called "wire wrap", wire twisting.

Wire products of different colors and types canwear both women and men, they can be ascetically simple or include curvy complex curls alternating with beads, and in order to make simple jewelry from the wire with their own hands, nothing is required except for nippers, pliers, round nose pliers and the wire itself.

Simple open ring-curl

One of the simplest ornaments that you candone in a couple of minutes. Cut a piece of thick wire, for example, with a copper wire, about 3 cm long (though its length depends primarily on the size of the finger). While holding the wire with pliers, tightly twist one end of the wire into a flat spiral.

Ornaments from the wire: photo master-class

Repeat the same with the other end, but to make a spiralwent the other way. Fold the wire on the finger. Both spirals will be directly under each other. Now just straighten the wire to put it on your finger, and bend again. The ring is ready! Similarly, you can make and cuff in your ear - only here you need a piece of wire half as long.

Rosette ring of red and silver wire

For this ring you will need two typeswire - a little thicker, red, and a little thinner, silvery, which will give the desired effect of "playing shadows" - after all, the petals of the rose are not uniform in color. Also, you have to measure the ring and fasten it on anything to wrap the rosette; the finger is suitable for this, but it can deliver a painful sensation to the skin, so it is better to pick some cylindrical object with a diameter from the finger (marker, for example).

Ornaments from the wire: photo master-class

Cut two pieces of wire - red andsilver, - the same length. Fold them together, put a marker on top. Fold the wire over the marker, and then make two loops, one on the left and one on the right end, close to each other, and thread the ends into the opposite loops. All this must be done without dividing the wire.

As close as possible, press the wire in placeconnection, and then start wrapping it with round pliers until it just ends. The ring with the rose is ready. Best of all, it looks paired with exactly the same, but monophonic and with a rose of a slightly smaller ring size. They should be worn on the same finger, and the "smaller" ring should be slightly turned aside so that the roses do not intersect.

Ornaments from the wire: photo master-class

Simple bracelet made of wire with name

A simple lightweight bracelet with a name. You need a paper, a pen, a thick, inflexible wire of your favorite color, round pliers, pliers and pliers. First write your name on paper, trying to stylize it. Remember, it must be written in one stroke, because the wire can not be interrupted.

Trace all the curls, and, if necessary,draw a number of arrows. Now measure the right amount of wire on the wrist, take the stock, the name itself, at least 4 cm (excess can then be cut off) and bend the wire with pliers and round pliers, repeating the stroke of the name. Press the curls as tightly as possible to each other. If the wire is thick enough, it will not unravel afterwards, under the influence of movements or the external environment. At the end, make a simple lock in the form of two folded half rings, and just clamp them with your finger whenever you put on the bracelet.

Ornaments from the wire: photo master-class

Author: Masha Larina

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