Christmas tree

Every time we approach thisbeautiful, fabulous and bright holiday - the New Year, you want to decorate the tree unusually, so that it is different from all previous years. If you still have not received new ideas, then we will help you. Wonderful decor, I assure you, you have not met. We make a ball with our own hands of candy. It's delicious and simple, unusual, unforgettable, colorful. You will be delighted, your relatives will also be happy if you present this wonderful gift to them.

For work you need:

  • Colored Foil

  • Piaflor (you can use foam)

  • Wire (good shape)

  • Lollipops (we took chupa-chups)

  • Needles

  • Decorative ribbon (from organza)

  • Scissors

  • Stationery knife

many materials for manufacturing

Step-by-step instruction:

  • We decorate our candies with colored foil (you cantake and paper), any color material (magazine, etc.), it depends on your desire, preferences and imagination. Cut out the squares of the size we need (depends on the size of the candy), we cut out 7 * 7 cm and cover the top (without a stick). Our candies in colored foil began to look bright, they shine, shimmer and create an atmosphere of celebration.

  • Take our piece of piaflora. Gently cut out a ball with a clerical knife, removing sharp edges. You can replace this material with polystyrene, you need to be more careful with it, since it has a crumbly texture. Piaflor take special for dried flowers. In this case, it will not have to be damped with water, if you took the usual one, then it should not be immersed in moisture either, our figure should be completely dry.

  • work with piaflorom
  • Next we'll take the wire. We make a noose around the middle of the wire, on which we will hang our decoration. We connect the ends together. Then pierce our ball through the jointed ends, then carefully the wire that remained on the opposite side is bent in different directions in the shape of the ball (so that when we hang our ornament the wire does not fall out, but holds the entire figure).

  • Now we pass to the most important thing. Our embellished candies are put into a bowl all over the square of the prepared ball. The wands will easily enter the soft ball without falling out of it. It is desirable to leave the top part slightly free, as we will use other decorative ornaments later, they should fit in the figure, but the rest of the perimeter is densely covered with chupa-chups of different colors. You can take any sweets-in the form of animals, cars, circles, decorate them with any paper and foil, it all depends on you and your imagination.

  • We pass to the last stages of fabricationour Christmas tree toy. We take a few twigs of needles (not large) and stick them into the upper part (near the wire). Thus we close the view of the ball mount. The branches of the needles will also be easy to stitch and adhere well to our decoration.

  • last preparations
  • The final stage will be the decoration of the fastening. To the wire (the loop that remained to stick out from above) we tie a ribbon, tying a beautiful large bow at the base.

Our ornament for the Christmas tree is ready! Look how unusual and beautiful it is. And you want to eat. Good luck, present it as a gift, and you will see delight in the eyes of a person. Add your raisins to our craft, use your imagination and creativity to the maximum. You will succeed!

ready-made decoration

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