Christmas tree of cones

By the New Year we all try to decorate our houseand a table with unusual and fabulous elements, symbolizing this holiday and creating a magical atmosphere. The main component is the tree. We'll make it ourselves using cones. Creativity of this craft does not convey words, it will please the eye and stand out in your interior, you can please your relatives and friends with such an original gift.

For work you need:

  • cones (their number depends on the size of our future tree);

  • wire (not very soft, keeping its shape);

  • polystyrene or plasticine (clay is better to take a brown color);

  • paint (brown, green);

  • elements of decor (what you will decorate your beauty, we took tinsel, candy).

cones from the forest

Step-by-step instruction

  1. After we prepare everything that we needit is necessary for the manufacture to proceed to the creation. We cut out the cone from the foam. The larger the cone, the more significant number of cones we need, and our figure will be larger. Plasticine can be used instead of polystyrene. If we made our barrel of polystyrene, then we paint it brown. This is done to ensure that the gaps between our cones - they either were not noticeable, or created the impression of the present from the brown trunk.

  2. We prepare our basic elements (cones). To each you need to attach a wire for the tail, so it was more convenient, and the cone looked more beautiful when attached to the cone (trunk). If there is no wire, you can stick it with toothpicks or glue. To give them somebody an original color, they can be painted with aerosol or ordinary paints before being fixed to the cone. Make this desirable before attaching to the base, so as not to spoil the harvested brown color of the stem.

  3. The bumps can be sorted by size (bottom will beLarge, top - small). This will give more volume and similarity to a real Christmas tree. You can attach them in a chaotic order (depends on your desire). We start to glue or if you to the ends have fastened a wire, then piercing our foam plastic or plasticine to create the volume of our hand-made. Warn that if you decide to glue the craft, then it will take a lot longer, since it will be necessary to hold each until the glue dries up completely. Do not be afraid if there will be gaps between our cones - the brown color creates the effect of a real stem, these gaps can be filled with various ornaments to your taste.

decorating the Christmas tree

After we did the main job -turn to decoration and decoration. To do this, you need to use a variety of decor elements (tinsel, candy, etc.). A set of decorative elements depends on your imagination and creativity. You can make ribbons and ribbons on the wire already known to you to install them on the tree. It can be pieces of foil. Clearances between cones can be filled with decorations, you can leave. You can apply glue to certain parts of the cones (not completely on the entire surface of the cone), sprinkle artificial snow. Snow will remain in the places where you applied glue and will create a beautiful natural effect just passed a snowfall on your craft. Instead of artificial snow, you can use a large salt. Put around your Christmas tree cotton or white bright fabric, so you will create the appearance of not only a snowfall, but snowdrifts around our beauty.

A wonderful decoration for yourinterior, this New Year's beauty can be used as a gift to your family and friends. Making it depends on you and your imagination, below you can consider several possible design options. We wish you good luck, create miracles with your own hands!

ready Christmas tree of cones

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