Guessing for treason: how to find out if the husband or wife is changing

"Love is evil, love and ...""" Trust, but check, "" You can not order your heart "... However, it's unsettling and sad when you have to try these proverbs on yourself.The heart is aching and aching, but cats are scratching their souls when there are suspicions about a possible infidelity of the second half It's not enough courage to find out everything because your worries can be completely in vain, and the changes in the behavior of the spouse or spouse are not due to indifference to you. To find out how justified your worries will be helped by some simple and effective fortune-telling for treason.

Divination by betrayal of the Tarot

One of the most reliable divination of treason -on the Tarot cards. When guessing at the Tarot, you need to properly tune, choosing a comfortable environment and mentally focusing on the problem you are interested in. Think about your other half, ask a question that excites you. The question should come from the heart - put in it all your fears and worries. Stir the deck and draw thirteen cards in succession.

Guessing for treason: how to find out if the husband or wife is changing

The first map will tell you what the goal isis pursued by a loved one in a relationship with you. You will be able to understand what awaits and what your spouse (a) receives from your relationship. The next four cards will help you understand what the partner feels for you. Maps from the sixth to the eighth show what external factors affect your relationship - it can be relatives, work, enemies, rival, etc.

The ninth, tenth and eleventh maps will tell you aboutplans of a partner about you - whether he / she sees his future with you, whether he is going to part with you. The twelfth card - the key one in this layout - is the secret of your half. Treason is obvious if a lady (for a guessing woman) falls out or a king (for a man). The last card in the layout will tell you about the motives of your husband / wife.

Divination by the betrayal of her husband

Guessing for treason: how to find out if the husband or wife is changing

Perhaps the most popular divination of betrayal of her husband- on candles. Take a sheet of paper and write on it names - your and your beloved person. Light the candles, mentally repeating the question that is tormenting you, and watch which candle goes out first. If the first candle extinguishes the name of the spouse, you have nothing to worry about: your husband loves you and keeps you faithful. Extinct first your candle - an alarming signal: your spouse changes or plans treason.

Divination by the betrayal of his wife

There is a simple and reliable divination of treasonwives. Was treason, find out on the coins. Take the coins in four different denominations. To make the prediction accurate, consecrate them, putting them in a bowl of holy water for a few minutes. At this time, mix wine and milk in a separate bowl, talking to yourself about your doubts and anxieties.

Guessing for treason: how to find out if the husband or wife is changing

Then throw in a bowl of wine and milk coins. After three hours, get one coin at random. The coin with the lowest denomination speaks of the unfaithfulness of the spouse, with the maximum - means the boundless love for you of your spouse and happiness together for many years. Two other coins also deny the betrayal of a loved one.

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