Invitation for the New YearPlanning the celebration of the New Year's Eve, it is important to creatively approach not only the decor of the apartment and the design of the table. It is also important to invite guests to your holiday. Invitation for the New Year should not only be original, but also comply with all the rules of etiquette!

The invitation for the New Year will be your business card. Believe me, all those invited to the festival onappreciate your work and attention. Of course, you can invite and just by phone, making several phone calls, or in person. But such an invitation will not be considered due. Therefore, take care in advance to make a first impression.

New Year's invitations should be properly drawn up. Therefore, first select the design of theinvitations. Here you have three choices. The first, and the simplest, is the purchase of ready-made cards for invitations. The second option is to order a unique design for invitations. Of course, this option will cost a little more, but in this case you will have original invitations. In addition, beautiful invitations to the New Year can be done independently. Using your imagination, you can originally decorate invitation cards.

The next step in the preparation of invitations for the New Year - list of guests. Think about how many people you want to invite. Note for yourself which of the friends is married, who has children, etc. This information is required for you when composing the text of the invitation for the holiday. When this stage is completed, you can proceed with the design of the invitations themselves.

Remember that You will need a little more invitations than the expected number of guests. There is always a possibility that you can make a mistake in writing the address or the name of the guest. Also you can remember that someone forgot to invite.

Now, in more detail, how to write an invitation. Prepare the text of the invitation to the Newyear you will use. On New Year's holidays often use invitations in a poetic form. If you want, you can write a short verse yourself, in which you will clearly put emphasis on the fact that you invite your friends to meet with you New Year.

When you have selected the text, you can sign invitations. Write the name of the guest on top. If you draw up invitations for friends, you can just do with their names. But if your invitation is more formal, be sure to include the full name of the guest. It is also important to specify how many people are really invited. Here you will find a list of couples and their children. For couples, there is one invitation, which indicates that it is valid for two. If you plan to have guests come with their children, also indicate this in the text of the invitation. The most recent indicate the place, date and time of the celebration. Invitations to the New Year can be sent 2-3 weeks before the celebration. During this time, all guests must confirm their presence or refuse an invitation.

Finally give a couple of examples of verses for invitations that you can use:

In the New Year, friends, call

To us - celebrate the holiday together!

Toasts we are a wreath of sovem

And we'll sing our own songs.

Around the tree slowly

We will walk round-dance,

The meeting will be good

With the best year in life!

In the bar that walk, at the cottages -

With cries, dog barking ?!

New happiness and luck

We will wish each other !!!


Christmas tree holiday paint,

The lights are different ...

We would all be kind and kind,

To live and really, as in a fairy tale,

In the days to come!

And, listening to the blizzard,

Comprehending the essence of life,

Let's wish each other

We're still ... Something!

He came, disturbing the soul,

This solemn turn:

Goodbye a year past,

Hello, hello, New Year!

Invitation for the New Year
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