How to get rid of mold?Mold on walls and ceiling is a pretty unpleasant thing, especially if you just made repairs. How to get rid of mold in the room? Read in the Land of Soviets!

First let's figure it out: but where does the mold come from?? Mold is a fungus. Fungus loves damp, poorly ventilated rooms. So if you notice a mold on the walls or ceiling - it's in your apartment high humidity and poor ventilation. So no matter how much you try to get rid of mold, it will appear again and again until you eliminate the cause of its appearance.

Many people prefer a "superficial" method of strugglewith mold on the walls, hanging a carpet or picture on top of it. Like, mold is not visible - hence, it is not. But you can not do this. Mold not only destroys books, wallpaper, furniture upholstery, etc .. Mold fungi exude special toxins that can cause severe allergies and other diseases. Therefore, it is very important to fight mold to get rid of it once and for all.

So, how to get rid of mold? For starters, as we have already said, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the appearance of the fungus. To do this, you need to bring the level back to normalhumidity and ensure good ventilation. In addition, the walls can dampen due to the fact that the room freezes, so it is very important to ensure a good thermal insulation. But remember that some cheap modern heaters (for example, expanded polystyrene) on the contrary can provoke the appearance of mold.

Having dealt with the causes of the appearance of mold, you can start fighting with the mold itself. The easiest and quickest way to get rid of mold on walls and ceiling is buy ready antiseptic primer. Primers not only help get rid of mold, but also prevent it from reappearing.

Many primers are ready for use immediatelyafter purchase - you do not need to dilute them with water. If you get a undiluted primer, then dilute it according to the instructions. Before applying a primer, you need remove mold from the surface with a spatula and give the wall (the ceiling to dry out).

Antiseptic primer evenly applied to a dry, clean surface using a paint sprayer or paint brush. Apply antiseptic, wait 4-6 hours, and then clean the surface of the debris. Rinse the surface with clean water, dry thoroughly and apply the primer again. In a day, it is already possible to apply paint over the primer, wallpaper, etc.

If you could not get a primer, you can use folk methods of combating mold. Get rid of mold will help copper sulphate solution (not more than 100 g of vitriol per 10 liters of water). But note that this solution can give the surface to be treated a bluish tint. Instead of a solution of vitriol, bleach, bleaches for laundry, etc. can be used. It is very important to remember that chlorine-containing agents should not be mixed with preparations containing ammonia!

In mild cases it is possible to fight mold with the help of concentrated solution of laundry soap (it contains alkali) or a solution of tea tree oil (2 teaspoons of oil in 2 tbsp. water spray from the spray onto the mold and do not rinse). Can be used to combat mold baking soda and vinegar. Mold is sprinkled with soda, vinegar is sprayed onto the soda. Soda and vinegar come into reaction and begin to bubble. The mold is peeled off with a hard brush, then the cleaned surface is washed with water.

Getting rid of mold, it is important not to let it reappear. What you need to do to make your mold no longer disturb?

  • air a room regularly

  • avoid supercooling of the room

  • do not hang wet clothes in the room

  • in time to repair the cranes and water supply

  • improve ventilation (especially in the bathroom)

  • use for repair materials resistant to water

Observe these simple rules - And the mold in the apartment is not terrible for you!

How to get rid of mold?
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