How to choose a humidifier?Humidifier is necessary to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the room. Especially useful is an air humidifier for families with young children. How to choose a humidifier and not to be mistaken, the Country of Soviets will tell.

Why do we need an air humidifier? The fact is that dry air in the room driesskin, worsening its condition and causing early aging. If there is insufficient humidity in the room, the mucous membrane dries up and irritates, the infection gets more easily into the body, and the risk of respiratory diseases increases. Especially dangerous is dry air for small children with delicate and sensitive skin and mucous membranes. Due to lack of moisture, the wood (furniture, parquet, musical instruments) is drying up. Also, dry air negatively affects pets and houseplants.

To avoid all these problems, you need select the right humidifier. The humidifier helps maintainthe necessary humidity level in a confined space. The humidifier does not need to be specially mounted, this device is mobile. It can work around the clock, powered by an ordinary 220-volt outlet. This device has a low noise level, which is important if a small child is sleeping in the same room.

So how to choose a humidifier? First of all, you need to determine the type of humidifier. Traditional humidifiers (humidifiers of cold type) humidify the air naturally. The water in the humidifier tank is poured into the drip tray for special moisturizing cartridges. Through the cartridges, air is blown through the built-in fan and thus moistened and cleared of dust. The cartridge has antibacterial impregnation, its service life is 2-3 months.

Regulation of air humidity occurs naturally: The higher the humidity in the room, the more slowly water evaporates. Humidification of air is maintained up to 60%. If you decide to choose a cold type air humidifier, it will be useful to know that by installing a special capsule with an aromatic substance in it, you can enjoy aromatherapy.

You can also choose a steam humidifier. Operating principle steam humidifier the same as an electric kettle. Water is brought to a boil, and during boiling begins to evaporate intensely. To ensure that the air humidity does not exceed the optimum, the steam humidifier is equipped with a hydrostatic (humidity sensor). When the optimum humidity is reached, the humidifier switches off.

Steam humidifiers can be used for medical inhalation, but this requires special attachments. A significant disadvantage of steam humidifiers is the high power consumption. If you decide to choose a steam type humidifier, consider that the steam temperature is 50-60 ° C, so be careful when the humidifier is in a room where there is a small child.

Ultrasonic air humidifiers work by transforming electricaloscillations in the mechanical. Water is poured into the tank, and then falls on a special ultrasonic membrane. Due to the vibrations of the membrane, water is split into tiny drops - water dust forms. The fan creates a stream of air that carries the dust out, where it turns into a cool wet steam that is absolutely safe for health. If you are afraid that the room temperature will drop, you can choose a humidifier with the function of warm steam or preheating water.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are equipped with a hydrostatic,noiseless and consume little energy. In the absence of water, the humidifier switches itself off. The humidity of the air is regulated from 40 to 70% by hand. The filter cartridge cleans water of impurities, and some models are equipped with a rotating atomizer, allowing you to steer the steam in any direction. So there are good reasons to choose an ultrasonic type humidifier.

If you want to moisturize and purify the air at the same time, you can choose not the humidifier, but air washing. It is equipped with a system of plastic discs,having a complex hydrodynamic shape. The discs rotate in a reservoir of water. When the device receives dusty air, the built-in pre-ionization device charges dust particles, they settle on discs, and then they are washed off by water. Ionizing elements are located in the pan - they fight bacteria and microbes. Washing the air moistens the air, cleans it, does not need replaceable filters and works almost silently. It allows you to achieve air humidity up to 60%.

There are also so-called climatic complexes. They allow you to clean the air withfilter system, moisten it according to the principle of traditional air humidifiers, ionize the air with built-in ionizers (this is very important for premises with a large number of office equipment) and aromatize it. Climatic complexes are multifunctional and mobile, maintain air humidity up to 60%. However, they require periodic replacement of filters.

What kind of humidifier to choose is your decision. However, we hope that the information provided by us on different types of moisturizers will help you never to wonder again "How to choose a humidifier?"

How to choose a humidifier?
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