Fruit storageIn autumn we strive to stock up vitamins for the whole of the long winter, so we buy fruit and berries for future use and keep them in the refrigerator or freezer for a long time. But storage of fruit should be correct, only then they will retain the taste and useful qualities.

We already mentioned in passing the storage of fruit in our article "Storage of products", but today I would like to dwell on storage of different types of fruits and berries.

Storing apples

Apples quickly deteriorate if you put them side by side. Better lay them at some distance from each other, you can even wrap the fruit in waxed paper -each apple separately. You can also fall asleep apples with dry sand or fresh sawdust. But you can not use sawdust from the trees of resinous rocks. To avoid damage, lay apples with petioles upwards.

Apples can be buy slightly immature. They release a substance that promotes faster ripening, so during storage it is just reached the required degree of maturity.

If you need to save peeled or chopped apples, put them in cold salted water - then they will not darken.

To have apples strong, fresh and beautiful, wipe them with a cloth, previously slightly moistened with glycerin. If apples still wrinkled - put them in cold water for several hours.

Can fold apples in a plastic bag, tie it and put it in the refrigerator. Before this, do not wash or wipe: they have a special wax coating, which protects the fruit from spoilage. If you delete it - apples will not be stored for so long.

You can not store apples with products with a pronounced odor (onions, garlic, etc.) - they can absorb it.

Storage of citrus fruits

Lemons can be stored in a large jar with cold water,which must be changed daily. You can fill them with dry sand, like apples - keep them from touching each other. Suitable for storing lemons and parchment paper. You can bury lemons in flour or put in a dry jar with a layer of salt on the bottom.

Oranges and lemons can be grease with oil and store in a cool place in a tightly closed jar or cellophane bag.

Slice of lemon will be stored longer if you put it in a cut on a vinegar saucer saucer.

Grated orange and lemon zest can be stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator, pre-pouring sugar - then it does not lose flavor.

Berry storage

Dense berries can be stored in a bowl covered with a napkin. More delicate berries it is better to store in the refrigerator, sprinkling one layer on a flat surface.

For better storage of berries, you can to freeze. Delicate berries are not washed before freezing andlay out an even layer on the baking sheet, before laying the paper on it. Already frozen berries can be poured into a special container. Dense berries (cherry, cherry) are washed, cuttings are removed, dried, poured into a cellophane bag and frozen in it. Fresh berries can be stored in the fridge for 1-2 days (cherry, cherry, blackberry) until a week (blueberries, blueberries). Cranberries and cranberries in fresh form can be stored for a month. In frozen form, berries are stored 8-12 months.

Cowberry can be stored by placing the washed berries in cans andbay cold boiled water. After they stay 3 days in a dark, cold place, the water should be changed and again the banks should be removed to a dark, cold place.

Cranberry can be stored on the balcony, before the onset of frost bay with cold water. As soon as frost hits, drain the water and put the frozen cranberries in the basket.

Dog-rose fruit stored not in a package, but in a glass jar instead of a lid tied with gauze. The bank needs to be put in a dark place to preserve vitamin C.

Fruit storage. General Tips

The ability to quickly ripen apples can be used to to accelerate the ripening of other unripe fruit, for example, pears or plums. Put the apple together with the fruit in a dry dark place (for example, a paper bag with several punctures) and store at room temperature.

To mature bananas stored longer, divide the cluster and keep the fruit separately. For long-term storage, bananas, like apples, are better to buy slightly immature.

Peaches, berries, pears, citrus fruits, melon Do not refrigerate in plastic bags: it is harmful to the increased humidity, and the fruit will quickly deteriorate.

Dried fruits and dried berries should be stored in a dry place, placing in boxes of cardboard or plywood, lined with waxed paper, thick paper or fabric bags. Dried fruits are best preserved at 0 degrees Celsius.

Dried fruits or dried berries Do not store together with products that have a strong odor - they can absorb it.

Fruits with thin skin Do not store in vases - they are very susceptibleto light, so it's easier to spoil. If you want to decorate your interior with a fruit bowl, choose citrus with a dense skin.

Proper storage of fruits will allow them to keep all their useful properties, and you will be provided with vitamins all year round.

Fruit storage

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