How to eat exotic fruits?
Buying in supermarkets or marketsexotic fruits or nuts, we often do not know how to properly use them for food. How to open a coconut? How to cut pineapple? How to use mango, avocado, kiwi, etc.? The country of councils will try to help you.

For example, you decide to buy coconut. By the way, when choosing it, pay attention toripeness and freshness of the nut. In appearance, it is almost impossible to distinguish a fresh coconut from an old one. Shake the nut: if the coconut is fresh, you will hear a characteristic splash. Nut should be without fibers, only the area around the "eyes" should be covered with a "beard".

Before open the coconut, it is necessary to merge its juice, the so-calledcoconut milk. To do this, in the area of ​​two of the three dark eyes at one end of the nut with a sharp object make holes. Drain coconut juice or drink it through a tube.

Now you can start splitting coconut. To open a coconut, you need to find its "weak spot". If you mentally divide the coconut into three parts, this "weak spot" will be located approximately one third of the end of the nut (with "eyes"). Now put the coconut on a flat surface and hit the intended place with the blunt side of a large knife. Slightly turn the nut and apply a second blow.

In the place of impact there should be a cracka natural split of the nut. Now you only need to insert the knife into the crack and, using it as a lever, to split the nut to the end. Now you can enjoy the delicate juicy pulp.

How to eat exotic fruits?

If you buy a pineapple, then on the ripeness of this exotic miracle fruitYou will be told certain signs. The "cap" of the pineapple leaves should be fresh, green, individual leaves can be easily stretched. A deaf sound when patting the pineapple skin speaks of its ripeness, "empty" - that the pineapple has dried up. The rind of a ripe pineapple should remain elastic, the "pens" should be the same size, there should be no dark spots on the surface of the crust.

The smell of pineapple also tells you a lot. The smell of ripe pineapple should be gentle, sweet. Too strong smell, especially with impurities, indicates the fermentation process that has begun - this product is not suitable for food.

There are several ways to cut pineapple. First of all, cut off the "top" and "ass" of pineapple. Then, with a sharp knife, the fruit is peeled from the peel and "eye sockets", similar to potato. Then you can cut pineapple slices along, like a watermelon or melon, or cut it in circles. Be sure to remove the hard core - it is not used.

In addition, pineapple can be served by cutting it notsmall cubes. Especially festive and solemn will look like pineapple, cut into cubes and poured with champagne. Served this dish in a beautiful glass, and preferably a crystal, a vase.

How to eat exotic fruits?

Avocado should choose so. On the surface of the fruit there should be no dark spots or cracks, the peel should be clean and undamaged. Avocados should be slightly pressed when pressed with a finger, but there should not be any dents on it. If you bought a slightly hard avocado, then just put it for a few days in a cool place, so that the fruit is "ripe".

When using avocados should be cut aroundbones along, without peeling. Halves can be slightly pervaded relative to each other and divided them. Remove the stone by tipping it with a teaspoon. Now you can peel off the skin, to do this, put half of the avocado skin up and, with a knife, pull the peel up. Avocados can also be cut into slices, and only then clean them.

Juicy fruits mango It is especially difficult to cut, so thatto get dirty with juice. Mango is usually served with a cut fruit knife into four parts. Each slice should be peeled and cut into pieces, eat with a fork. A mango bone should be removed with a spoon or cut with a knife if it is too tightly attached to the pulp.

How to eat exotic fruits?
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