Canned mushrooms for the winter

Autumn time is a mushroom time. But, alas, mushrooms are a perishable product, but we really want to enjoy their taste all year long! In this case, to help the housewives comes canning mushrooms for the winter.

Which mushrooms are suitable for canning?

For canning, both tubular andplate mushrooms. Plate mushrooms include russules, chanterelles, honey-mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, and to tubular mushrooms, mushrooms, boletus. Having decided to undertake the canning of mushrooms for the winter, remember that each kind of mushroom is recommended to be preserved separately from others.Canned mushrooms for the winter

Since the fungi very quickly deteriorate,they need to be recycled immediately after collection, otherwise you'll just have to throw them away if you do not want to get poisoned. For canning of mushrooms for the winter only fresh and young mushrooms, recently ripped off, are selected. They should not be wormy or damaged.

How to prepare mushrooms for canning?

Wash the mushrooms carefully, but do not over-rest in water, otherwise they can rot.

If you are going to harvest mushrooms,which are bitter (mushrooms, freckles), they need to be soaked in a cool room, changing the water several times a day. Properly soaked mushrooms have no bitter aftertaste, and their bonnet can be easily bent, but not broken.

Canned mushrooms for the winter

Processing of mushrooms before canning involves several stages:

  • sorting

  • the washing up

  • cleaning

  • cutting

With mushrooms remove all extraneous - leaves, pine needles, slugs, insects, etc., and cut off damaged areas.

Canned mushrooms for the winter

For some recipes, it is also necessary to separate the caps from the mushrooms from the legs. Sometimes it is necessary to cut mushrooms into small pieces or straws.

On a note! To cut the mushrooms did not darken, fill them with 1-2% solution of citric acid or salt.

After processing the mushrooms, you can proceed directly to the workpiece. Canned can be raw, salted, marinated and even fried mushrooms.Canned mushrooms for the winter

Important! What kind of procurement you would choose, you needremember that you can not undertake the conservation of mushrooms for the winter, if you can not exactly follow the recipe. Improperly mushroomed mushrooms can be very dangerous to health. Proceed to the preservation of this capricious product only if you are ready to accurately observe the technology of cooking.

How to preserve fresh mushrooms

Canned mushrooms for the winter

Necessary ingredients:

  • fresh mushrooms

  • water

  • salt

  • lemon acid

  • acetic acid

  • spice

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare mushrooms for canning: wash, clean and cut if necessary. On a note! Small mushrooms can be preserved whole, large and medium cut into pieces.

  2. Prepare a saline solution: dissolve 45 g of salt in a glass of water for each kilogram of mushrooms. To mushrooms are not darkened, add 2-3 grams of citric acid to the solution.

  3. Put the pot with the solution on medium heat, let it boil.

  4. Put the mushrooms in the boiled saline solution and cook for several minutes.

  5. During the cooking, stir the mushrooms several times and remove the foam from them.

    Important! Cooking mushrooms should be before they begin to sink to the bottom. The time that will be required depends on the type and size of the mushrooms that you can conserve.

  6. Remove the mushrooms from the pan and allow them to drain well.

  7. Prepare a new pickle: put in the water the amount of salt that the recipe you want, put the brine on the fire and let it boil.

  8. In the boiling pickle add spices that you like.Canned mushrooms for the winter

    On a note: When canning fresh mushrooms for the winter, you canadd bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, pepper - bitter red, fragrant or black, dill seeds, coriander, mustard, dill, fresh or dried, cherry or currant leaves, cardamom boxes, fresh or dried basil, oregano, savory, onion and garlic . Just do not use it all at once!

  9. Put the mushrooms in the brine and let them boil for another 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the recipe and the type of mushrooms.

  10. Turn off the fire and immediately add the vinegar to the mushrooms. The amount of vinegar you need is calculated from the proportion: 1.5 teaspoons of acetic essence 70% per 1 kg of fresh mushrooms.Canned mushrooms for the winter

    Important! Sometimes in recipes it is recommended to boil mushrooms withvinegar a few minutes. This is completely useless, because the vinegar completely decomposes in boiling water in literally seconds. If you do this, your mushrooms will be in banks with little or no preservative, which is acetic acid. In other recipes offer to pour the vinegar directly into the jar with mushrooms before sipping - it is perfectly permissible.

  11. Spread mushrooms in pretreated jars and pour brine in which they were cooked in a ratio of 2 parts to 3 parts liquid fungi.Canned mushrooms for the winter

    On a note! If you did not add vinegar to the brine, but poured itdirectly into the jar with mushrooms, the remains of the brine can be drained into a glass jar and put into the refrigerator. It will be suitable for the first digestion of the next batch of mushrooms during the week.

  12. Banks roll in boiled water in lids and sterilize 40-50 minutes at 100 ° C.

  13. After sterilizing cans with mushrooms, put them with lids down on the blanket, cover with a blanket or several thick towels and allow to cool slowly for 18-20 hours.

How can canned and pickled mushrooms be preserved in cans?

Canned mushrooms for the winter

Necessary ingredients:

  • salted or marinated mushrooms cooked in a leaking container

  • water

  • salt

  • acetic acid

  • spice

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Drain with pickled mushrooms or pickle.

  2. Put mushrooms in a colander and rinse well with running water.

  3. Let mushrooms flow well.

  4. Sort the mushrooms to fit. Sorted and having the slightest trace of mold mushrooms, sort and delete.

  5. Wash the glass jar with soda, sterilize them and allow to dry completely.

  6. Tightly lay the mushrooms in prepared jars.

    On a note! The ratio of fungi and brine will be different,than when canning fresh mushrooms, marinated and salted mushrooms can be stacked in jars much denser. Proceed from the ratio of 4 parts of mushrooms to 1 part of brine.

  7. Add spices to each jar.Canned mushrooms for the winter

    On a note! When canning salted or pickledfungi usually use only bay leaf, sweet pepper and black pepper peas, so as not to spoil the already existing taste and aroma. However, if you do not really like the taste of your mushrooms, you may well play with spices to change it when canning. The only condition - to put in the banks you need extremely dry spices.

  8. Cook the brine from the water and the amount of salt required by the recipe.Canned mushrooms for the winter

    Important! If you decide to add garlic or onions to the preservation, be sure to cut them and cook in the brine until ready, about 15-20 minutes, otherwise banks with mushrooms will explode while storing.

  9. Pour into the jars with mushrooms vinegar. The amount of vinegar is calculated from the ratio of 2.5 teaspoons of acetic essence 70% per liter jar.

  10. Immediately after vinegar pour into the jars boiling brine.

  11. Roll the jars with mushrooms lids and sterilize them for about 40 minutes at 100 ° C.

  12. After sterilization, immediately turn the jars and wrap them up for a slow cooling down.

How to preserve fried mushrooms?

Canned mushrooms for the winter

Necessary ingredients:

  • fresh mushrooms

  • water

  • salt

  • lemon acid

  • butter, fat or lard

  • Bay leaf

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare the mushrooms: wash them, peel and cut them into medium sized pieces.

  2. Put salt in the water - 45 grams per glass of water, and citric acid - 4 g per 1 liter.

  3. Bring the brine to a boil and put mushrooms in it.

  4. Boil the mushrooms in the brine for 40 minutes.

  5. Put mushrooms in a colander and let them drain completely.

  6. Melt butter, grease or lard in a skillet.

    Important! If you are using fat or you are heating the smaletsfrom the interior pig fat, cut it into small pieces, drown in a frying pan, and then strain through a sieve - in mushrooms should be only melted fat, without the slightest trace of squash.

  7. Fry the mushrooms in the melted fat. You will need about 350-400 g of melted butter per 1 kg of mushrooms.

  8. Put the bay leaf on the bottom of the prepared for canning sterilized and fully dried jars. You need 2-3 leaves per liter jar.Canned mushrooms for the winter

    Important! Pay special attention to the banks were really completely dry. If there is even a drop of water left in them, the cans can burst when touched with melted butter.

  9. Finished mushrooms spread hot into jars, filling them up to the shoulders.

  10. Pour mushrooms in cans with melted butter, in which mushrooms are fried.

  11. Roll the jars lids and sterilize them for 25 minutes.

  12. Give ready-made cans with canned fried mushrooms to cool slowly, wrapped up, in an inverted position.

Secrets of successful canning mushrooms for the winter

As always, to prepare really tasty and safe canned mushrooms, you need to know a few small tricks.

  1. When choosing the spices that you will usefor canning mushrooms, adhere to the "rule of five fingers" - for listing all the spices added to the mushrooms, you should have enough fingers of one hand. In other words, more than five spices can not be used at the same time.Canned mushrooms for the winter

  2. When canning mushrooms for the winter is bettersterilize them in salt water. The fact is that the salt water has a higher boiling point, which means that the spores of botulinum pathogens will die with greater probability.

  3. When sterilizing, the water should cover the covers by 2 cm.

  4. Banks should not touch the walls of the pan in which they are sterilized. It is better to put them not on the bottom, but on a piece of cloth, folded several times.Canned mushrooms for the winter

  5. Having survived sterilized mushrooms at room temperature, it is best to sterilize them once more for an hour - for fidelity. Do not be afraid - the mushrooms will not boil and will retain their taste.

  6. Store canned mushrooms in a cool place, the optimum temperature is from 1 to 7 ° C.

Canned mushrooms for the winter

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