to whom and when dreaming prophetic dreams?
To whom and when dreams are prophetic dreams? Prophetic dreams are prophetic dreams. They can predict future cataclysms, bad or good events. Many prophetic dreams cause skepticism, their existence can be called doubtful. But this is only at first glance.

Even in the distant past, prophetic dreams excited their mystery and unknownness. Since ancient times people have been interested in to whom do such dreams come?. It was believed that prophetic sleep can come only people close to religion. They were listened to, although they really dreamed prophetic dreams very rarely.

Contrary to doubt, scientists believe that prophetic dreamsreally exist. Multiple studies have shown that positive events are predicted less often than negative events. Weddings, the birth of a child, other joyful moments are not so often predicted as catastrophes, death, sickness and murder. Statistics says: gloomy prophetic dreams account for 80%. And the probability of seeing them is 1:22 000. Specialists explain prophetic dreams by the fact that our subconscious never sleeps. It is constantly at work, fixes every event of our life when consciousness is slumbering. Then, in a dream, information comes that can be regarded as a prophetic dream. In addition, we often scroll through the head of an event that we would like to see in real life. When the subconscious transmits this information to us in dreams - we sometimes can take for prophetic.

To find out when dreaming prophetic dreams, it is worth paying attention to the lunar and sunnycalendars. Zodiacal data also influence the appearance of such predictive dreams. Astrologers say that not all people can see prophetic dreams. It depends on the signs of the zodiac under which they were born. Who is most likely to dream prophetic dreams? According to specialists colorful prophetic dreams are most often seen representatives of such zodiac signs as Cancers,Fish and Scorpions. These people are born under the sign of the water element. Cancer sees prophetic dreams in positive tones. Mostly he dreams of traveling to distant, unknown countries. Dreams can be associated with a career. This applies to the Scorpions. But Pisces in dreams comes love adventures, which often come true.

There is an opinion that those who dream prophetic dreams, - people are bright, spiritually rich, living a rich, turbulent life.

Often Prophetic dreams come to us in the form of unidentified, chaotic pictures, setsplots that do not lend themselves to a logical explanation. In this case, you have to interpret prophetic dreams yourself or seek help from specialists. Such specialists were and are known great philosophers Jung, Freud, prophets Wang, Nostradamus and others. Who, if not they, knows about these dreams more than anyone else! These people have devoted a lot of time to studying prophetic dreams, their origin and interpretation. Jung, for example, as well as modern scientists, believed that The culprit of the appearance of prophetic dreams is the subconscious, which supplies the consciousness of a certaininformation. According to Z. Freud, prophetic dreams are associated with the sexual instincts of man. He believed that attention should be paid to the smallest detail in order to add a picture of subconscious desire. Vanga and Nostradamus had a rare gift of prophecy. Strongly perceiving the world, they saw in a dream events that have come true and are still being realized, even after the death of the prophets.

In connection with these discoveries and the prophetic gift, these people created dream books, where they invested the luggage of their knowledge concerningprophetic dreams. Over these books, scientists around the world have worked for centuries, revealing new and unknown details, when thousands of people puzzled over this strange phenomenon. The symbols in the dream books are presented in alphabetical order. Each detail has its own interpretation - either this is a description of a situation that is possible in the future, or an interpretation of the ways in which one must move in life. These explanations make it possible to correctly disassemble what they saw in a dream and it is possible to determine prophetic dreams.

Prophetic dreams are a phenomenon still shrouded in mystery. When and who dreams about prophetic dreams - an individual question. But it is proved exactly: their appearance does not depend on the position in society, the appearance of man or material goods. It is a gift that can come to anyone and at any time. Listen to your dreams, maybe they will show you the way to the future.

Dear readers, tell us about your prophetic dreams, if there are any. When and with what, in your opinion, is their appearance?

to whom and when dreaming prophetic dreams?
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