Interior Design. Helpful Tips

Remember that the interior of your house reflects youressence, so first of all you have to understand yourself: to understand what colors you like, what music you like, what country you dream to visit. All these things are invisibly linked, and your task is to unite them in one harmonious interior.

Most importantly - do not be afraid to experiment! If you have long dreamed of repainting walls in bright colors or buying an outdoor vase in the Japanese style, know - it's time has come! But do not forget about the harmony in the situation: every accessory or piece of furniture must necessarily find inside the so-called "support" - another object of the same color or with the same pattern, or an object of the interior, decorated in the same style.

The main rule of creating a harmonious living space - nothing superfluous!</ p>

So, you need a stylish interior. To push off best of all from the "beloved country". If you like the culture of the East, the main accents of the interior will be floral patterns and decorative ornaments, and if you like the accuracy of Swiss watches, you can decorate the room in a graphic style, using the three basic colors black, white and one of the auxiliary ones. And so on.

So we came to the question of your belovedcolor. I must say that today there are no interior design criteria, and the design sphere is very democratic. Therefore, the choice of colors is yours. The only thing to remember: do not use more than three primary colors in the room (but their various shades are acceptable), these colors should not be bright and flashy - even in the youth interior. Restrained colors indicate a good taste of the owner. And the last thing: the three colors you have chosen must be combined with each other.

After the color gamut is determined,it remains only to pick up new accessories, for example, add some exotics to the interior, hanging a colorful carpet on the wall, or vice versa, to make a minimalist detail: a vase of simple and concise form devoid of ornamentation.

Nevertheless, with each innovation introducedIt is necessary to remember the unity of furniture, accessories and the color of the walls, do not forget about unusual combinations. Then you will get not only a beautiful, but also a unique interior!

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