Subaru Legacy
Subaru Legacy It is an all-wheel drive sedan or an all-terrain off-road vehicle, which has been produced since 1989.

It belongs to a European class D car and is manufactured in Japan.

Feature of the car is opposing motor Subaru, which, thanks to its low center of gravity, provides excellent stability in difficult road conditions.

The Subaru Legacy range offers two versions of cars with a three-liter opposed six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 245 hp (3,0R spec.B and 3,0R) and one version with a two-liter four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 165 hp.

For 2006 cars of the model year there is a complete set 5-speed or 4-speed automatic with the possibility of switching in manual mode SportShift.

On models with manual gearboxes, the interaxle differential lock is used viscous coupling, which, when the wheels of one wheel slip, turns, warms up and, as a result, is blocked.

On vehicles with automatic transmissions hydraulic coupling, controlled by electronics, which allows it to respond faster to wheel slip.

AT basic equipment "FZ" with a two-liter engine and a manual gearbox orfour-speed automatic device has electric windows, electric rear view mirrors, central locking (D / U), climate control, front and side airbags, radio with CD changer and six speakers, leather-trimmed steering wheel MOMO, immobilizer, cruise control, heated a windshield in a zone of screen wipers, heating of forward seats, cast rims R-17.

AT Complete sets 2.0 "FW" added cruise control and a sunroof, for "SC" offers a leather interior and electric seats, in the kit "AW" includes a VDC system, "SW" includes a leather interior with electric seats, and "ZW" - Also the VDC system.

Subaru Legacy with a three-liter engine and only with a five-speed automatic transmission is presented in two trim levels. "ZW" In addition to basic elements, such as "FZ", has a power moonroof, leather interior withelectrical adjustments, CD changer + cassette deck, side curtain airbags, Additional lights, alloy wheels R-17, VDC system. "ZK" offers to this equipment also a touch screen monitor.

Subaru Legacy 3.0R spec. B is offered in the factory tuning. Tuned for fast ride chassis with shock absorbers Bilstein, to choose from - six-stage MCP and five-speed automatic, 18-inch wheels with tires 215 / 45R18,aluminum pedal pads, aluminum inserts in the style of "techno", electroluminescent instrument panel and sporty three-spoke steering wheel MOMO. The packages are offered the same as the usual three-liter version.

Designers Subaru Legacy offer only four-wheel drive AWD (built on the base of the front, with a connection viamulti-plate clutch with the rear axle) with a dynamic stabilization system VDC, which receives information from the sensors on all wheels and can brake them separately from each other.

Subaru Legacy

Technical specifications Subaru Legacy 2.0 AWD-AT

Main settings

  • Drive Type Full (4WD)

  • Body type Sedan

  • Transmission type AT

  • Engine displacement, cc 1994


  • Dimensions of body (L x W x H), mm 5 x 2 x 1

  • Wheelbase, mm 3

  • Length of front axle, mm 1495

  • Length of rear axle, mm 1485

  • Clearance (ride height), mm 150

  • Weight, kg 1

  • Number of floors 5

  • Number of doors 4

  • The minimum turn radius, m 5.4

  • Fuel tank capacity, l 64


  • Engine brand EJ20

  • Max power, hp (kW) at rpm. 165 (121) / 7

  • The maximum torque, kg * m (N * m) at rpm. 19.1 (187) / 3

  • Engine type Horizontal-Opposite,

  • Used fuel Gasoline

  • Fuel consumption in the 10/15 mode, l / 100km 11.4

  • Fuel consumption in the mode of 60 km / h, l / 100km 8.4

  • 1st gear ratio 2.785

  • Transmission ratio 2nd gear 1.545

  • 3rd gear ratio 1

  • 4th gear ratio

  • Rear-wheel drive ratio 2.272

  • Compression ratio 11

  • Diameter of the piston, mm 92

  • Piston stroke, mm 75

  • Specific power, kg / hp. 0.01

Suspension / Running gear

  • Front brakes Ventilated disc brakes

  • Rear brakes Disc brakes

  • Front suspension McPherson strut, spring

  • Rear suspension Multi-link, spring

  • Front wheels 215 / 45R17

  • Rear wheels 215 / 45R17

  • Wheels Aluminum alloy wheels


  • Adjustable sunroof Option manufacturer

  • Power mirrors for side mirrors Standard

  • Front fog lights

Interior fittings

  • Electric window regulators Standard

  • Power Steering No

  • Central locking Standard

  • Left-hand steering wheel Standard

  • Adjustable steering column Standard

  • Vertical adjustment of the steering wheel Standard

  • Cruise Control Standard

  • Leather Seats Manufacturer Option

  • Power Seat Standard

  • Power front seats


  • Driver airbag Standard

  • Passenger airbag Standard

  • Side airbag

  • Stiffener in the doors Standard

  • Central window switch disconnection Standard

  • Additional stoplamp Standard

  • Seat belt tensioner Standard

  • Seat Belt Clip Standard

  • Three-point seat belt Standard

  • Body of increased strength Standard


  • CD changer Standard

Subaru Legacy
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