Subaru Forester
By creating Subaru Forester Japanese designers initially established for themselves the highest technological criteria.

Concept SUV Crossover raised to the next height.

The key words of the new design of steel "Dynamics" and "modernity". Exquisite, but aggressive and utilitarian style of appearance distinguishes the Forester among all cars, wherever you go on it.

By his look he beckons you inward, suggesting to feel all the charm of a long journeyin which you yourself will be able to appreciate all the advantages of the unique philosophy of Subaru, which comes to life under your hands.

As well as Outback, Forester was created under the slogan "Best in two elements". From freeways to off-road Forester is created for pleasant driving and a high level of stability.

Improving a full drive AWD and the body, Forester wagon absorbed all the advantages of a passenger car and SUV.

The first car Subaru Forester came off the assembly line in 1997, combining the best qualities of the classic SUV, perfectly combines the qualities of an SUV, improved safety system, technical characteristics and comfort.

Initially, Forester was equipped with a 2-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 115 hp. In 1998, Forester received conceptually new turbocharged engine, power of 175 hp.

Initially, two types of gearboxes were proposed and offered: mechanical five-speed and automatic four-step.

In 2000 it was produced body facelift, Forester received new taillights, a new radiator grille.

In March 2002, the Forester of the second generation was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. And in September 2005 at the international motor show in Frankfurt Subaru Forester 2006 was presented.

Exterior New Forester underwent a series of positivechanges and improvements. In addition to a completely new bumper, grille, increased fog lamps and more expressive front and rear lights, the company's designers have given a new look to the hood and side wings.

From the technical side of Subaru Forester 2006 as wellhas significantly changed. Power, which now gives a 2-liter version of the Subaru Forester 2.0X, has grown significantly from 125 hp. up to 158 hp, and the turbo engine Subaru Forester 2.5XT now produces 230 hp. instead of the previous 210 hp.

Subaru Forester

Technical specifications Subaru Forester 2.0 X RR 5MT


  • Body type inroad

  • Number of seats 5

  • Number of doors 5


  • Drive full

  • Transmission manual

  • Number of gears 5


  • Volume 2.0 (1994 cm3)

  • Engine type petrol

  • The engine arrangement in front is longitudinally

  • Injection type distributed injection

  • Number of cylinders 4

  • Valves per cylinder 4

  • Rated power 116 kW / 158 hp (at 6400 rpm)

  • Max. torque 186 Nm (at 3200 rpm)

  • Gas distributing mechanism DOHC

  • The arrangement of the cylinders is opposite

  • The diameter of the cylinder is 82 mm

  • Piston stroke 75 mm

  • Compression ratio 11.1


  • Front tire 215/65 / R16

  • Rear tire 215/65 / R16

  • Front 16 "

  • Rear 16 "


  • Height (mm) 1700

  • Length (mm) 4560

  • Width (mm) 1780

  • Ground clearance (mm) 215

  • Wheelbase (mm) 2615

  • Track of front wheels (mm) 1530

  • Track of the rear wheels (mm) 1530

  • Turning diameter (meters) 10.6

  • Trunk volume minimum (liters) 387

  • Trunk volume maximum (liters) 1629


  • Curb weight (kg) 1480

Dynamic characteristics

  • Max speed 184

  • Acceleration time to 100 km / h 9,7

Fuel consumption

  • Urban cycle (l / 100 km) 10.9

  • Country Cycle 7

  • Mixed Cycle 8.4

  • Emission of CO (g / km) 256

  • Fuel tank capacity 60

  • Recommended type of fuel Аи-95

Subaru Forester
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