Skoda Fabia
New generation Skoda Fabia is one of the leading representatives of the segment of mikrolitrazhnyh cars. This car can boast of a very capacious trunk.


Fabia has grown in length (3992 mm) and height (1498 mm) and is one of the largest cars of the supermini segment.

Dynamic and confident frontthe view of the car shows undeniably that he is part of the Skoda family and a close relative of the Roomster, a model with many similarities in common - from the original headlights to the mudguards.

Another absolute novelty is dynamic side contours of the car, including darkened front and side racks and a rear with original lamps that illuminate the entire space on the sides of the machine.

Coefficient of aerodynamic resistance managed to reduce to an excellent level of 0.33,in addition, reduce the level of external noise and reduce fuel consumption. Using sensors located on the rear bumper of Fabia, it will be easier for you to move in reverse (additional equipment).


Although it's a supermini, Fabia can offer more space and comfort Movement than most of its competitors, many of which belong to a higher class. Skoda Fabia is a very comfortable and at the same time practical small car.

Regardless of the configuration, you will feel comfortable, and also you can choose Additional options for increasing the level of comfort. Your Fabia can be equipped, for example, with an electric sunroof, an adjustable armrest between the front seats and many practical compartments for things and pockets ...


During each trip, Fabia provides superior safety for all passengers, and also takes care ofpedestrian safety. The excellent handling of the Fabia and the unparalleled response to the driver's commands are among the basic prerequisites for ensuring safe driving.

This helps drivers avoid dangerous situations or safely resolve them. Time-tested chassis construction, the optimally adjusted suspension and electro-hydraulic power steering ensure that the car will be easily operated in all situations.

Fabia complies with the new EU directives onpedestrian protection (First stage). In the case of accidents involving Fabia, the risk of injury to a pedestrian is significantly reduced due to the adequate distance between the hood and the fixed parts of the engine compartment, the adaptable front bumper design and the use of new shock absorbing equipment.


In comparison with the first generation of Fabia, the interior has completely changed. The control panel with a more thoughtful design and ergonomic controls provide much greater comfort for the driver.

Skoda Fabia

Passengers in the back seat became morespacious - there was more room for both feet and over the heads of passengers, which contributed to the increased height of the car. The space reserved for luggage also will pleasantly surprise you.

The capacity of the trunk increased up to 300 liters, and if you fold the rear seats, then this volume will increase to 1163 liters.

New upholstery and seat covers makeThe interior is more cozy and comfortable. In addition, the car lurks a "danger": a huge number of compartments for things and a vast luggage space.

They are located in the dashboard, door panels (here you can put even a 1.5-liter plastic bottle), under the front seats, in the back of the backrests, in the center console and trunk.


Can be equipped with a three-cylinder engine 1,2 HTP with an output power of 51 kW, a catalytic converter and two lambda sensors. Four-cylinder engines 1.4 16V/ 63 kW and 1.6 16V/ 77 kW are equipped with two catalytic converters and two lambda sensors. The complete set of all engines includes an integrated unit of self-diagnosis EOBD.

Manual gearbox

All engines can be installed together with one of the two types of mechanical five-speed transmissions, depending on the characteristics of the engine. Both types of boxes are characterized by a small working stroke and precise easy switching. In the cabin, almost no noticeable engine noise or vibration.

Automatic transmission

You can also afford to enjoy the comfort that the automatic gear shift possible with a 1.6 16V / 77 kW gasoline engine. it six-speed box with Tiptronic - the possibility of manual gear changes.

Since the oil in the gearbox does not need to be changed throughout the life of the car, the box does not require any special maintenance.

The new Fabia has grown in length (3992 mm) and height (1498 mm), making it once again one of the largest "supermini" in its segment.

Dynamic and completed look the front of the car underlinesthe car's belonging to the Skoda family, especially its relationship to the Roomster - a model with which the Fabia has identical parts - from the original headlights to the mudguards.

Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia specifications

Total information
ModelSkoda Fabia 1.2Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI (77 kW)Skoda Fabia 1.6 TDI (55 kW)Skoda Fabia 1.6 TDI (77 kW)
Year of issue2010 ...2010 ...2010 ...2010 ...
Number of doors / seats5/55/55/55/5
The equipped weight, kg10151055 (1089)11291144
Gross vehicle weight, kg------------
Maximum speed, km / h155191 (189)166188
Acceleration from place to 100 km / h, from16.510.1 (10.2)14.110.9
Minimum turning radius, m5.
Trunk volume min / max, l315/1180315/1180315/1180315/1180
Dimensions, mm
Track front / back1433/14261417/14101433/14261417/1410
Ground clearance140140140140
A typePetrol with distributed fuel injectionPetrol with direct fuel injection and turbochargingDiesel with direct fuel injection, turbocharging and intercoolerDiesel with direct fuel injection, turbocharging and intercooler
Location:Front crosswiseFront crosswiseFront crosswiseFront crosswise
Working volume, cc1198119715981598
Compression ratio10.510.016.516.5
Number and arrangement of cylinders3 in a row4 in a row4 in a row4 in a row
Diameter of the cylinder x stroke of the piston, mm76.5 x 86.971.0 x 75.679.5 x 80.579.5 x 80.5
Number of valves681616
Power hp at rpm60/5200105/500075/4000105/4400
Maximum torque Nm at rpm108/3000175 / 1550-4100195 / 1500-2000250 / 1500-2500
A typeMechanical 5-speedMechanical 5-speed
(Robotic 7-speed DSG)
Mechanical 5-speedMechanical 5-speed
Drive unitFront wheelsFront wheelsFront wheelsFront wheels
FrontType McPherson with anti-roll barType McPherson with anti-roll barType McPherson with anti-roll barType McPherson with anti-roll bar
RearSemi-dependent, springSemi-dependent, springSemi-dependent, springSemi-dependent, spring
Tire size185/60 R14195/55 R15185/60 R14195/55 R15
FrontDisk ventilatedDisk ventilatedDisk ventilatedDisk ventilated
Fuel consumption according to the norms of 93/116 / EEC, l / 100 km
City cycle7.56.8 (7.0)5.15.1
Country Cycle4.74.5 (4.4)3.63.6
Mixed cycle5.75.3 (5.3)4.24.2
FuelPetrol A-95Petrol A-95DieselDiesel
Fuel tank capacity, l45454545

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