BMW 1 series

BMW 1 Series This is a unique car with an unmistakably recognizable, attractive design that sets it apart from the crowd.

The long hood and elongated side lines emphasize the sporty look of the car.

Its interior is impeccable, the dynamics are convincing, and efficiency has no analogues.

Thanks to the introduction of a unique concept forwith the name "EfficientDynamics", the BMW 1 Series car consumes every liter of fuel with greater efficiency, and this allows it to set new standards in its class.


Profile The new BMW 1 series is a thoroughbred profilesports car. The elongated shapes of the doors and frameless windows enhance the sportiness of the appearance, and the passenger part is shifted far back, and this immediately attracts your view to the rear axle.

The prominent lateral thresholds of the car further emphasize its dynamism and invite to open the door and take its place.

Interior The new BMW 1 series is reminiscent of the cockpit of a racing car. The steering wheel and gearshift lever fit perfectly and provide precise and precise control and speed switching.

The design of the highest quality manifests itself inthe smallest details. The larger glove box now holds more items, and the dashboard design is clear and convenient. Most importantly, all functions can be controlled easily and intuitively, and this allows the driver to concentrate on the most important things - such as enjoying the trip.


Impressive torque and excellent softness. These are the distinguishing features of the remarkable engines that are also present in the BMW 1 Series cars.

In the powerful four-cylinder petrolThe engines use the Double Vanos valve operating system and Valvetronic technology, the valve position change system, to achieve 115 kW (156 hp) and a top speed of 215 km / h.

The largest six-cylinder engine in the BMW 1 Series is equipped with a VALVETRONIC system with valve control for better output power control.

This engine is incredibly smoothwork and is the strongest in the entire series, providing a power of 195 kW (265 hp), acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h for 6 seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h. This is the most sporting choice for those who prefer to enjoy BMW 1 Series cars.

BMW 1 series

Ergonomics and safety

Additional navigation systems in the BMW 1 Series are controlled by a convenient iDrive system. iDrive is used to control the climate control of the passenger compartment, entertainment, communication and other functions.

A control display located above thecentral console, provides the necessary information and easily directs you, providing instant access to the most important functions. To save your favorite settings, you can use the programmable keys. Driving by car has never been so enjoyable.

Unexpected stops - emergency braking - an infrequent element of the daily life of the driver, but it is at these moments that it is very important that the drivers of the cars behind you react as quickly as possible.

The braking indicator is atwo-stage system. During normal braking, the main lighting element is switched on, and with a harder, unexpected braking, the entire brake headlamp lights up in red. This is an unambiguous signal for the drivers behind you cars.

If the car is equipped with additional xenon headlights, the rear lights also use a special LED technology (LED).

Electronics security systems BMW 1 Series cars with amazing speedreacts to serious situations. The impact sensors are triggered instantaneously, triggering an appropriate system at the right time and to the right degree.

All BMW 1 Series models are equipped with devices forseat belt tension and a system of six air cushions (driver and front passenger pillows, head cushions for the front and rear seats and side cushions built into the backs of the front seats).

Frame The BMW 1 Series car features high collision strength. Reinforced elements in the front and side parts of the hull and around the passenger area effectively protect the driver and passengers.

Bumpers are able to fully absorb the impact forceAt speeds of less than 4 km / h, preventing any damage to the body of the car. The high-strength frame also provides clear controllability and stunning maneuverability of the BMW 1 Series.

BMW 1 series



  • Front tire 195/55 R16 87H

  • Rear tire 195/55 R16 87H

  • Front disc 6,5J x 16 steel wheels

  • Rear disc 6,5J x 16 steel wheels


  • Number of Cylinders / Valves per cylinder 4/4

  • Working volume (cc) 1596

  • Piston stroke / Bore (mm) 72/84

  • Rated power (kW / hp / rev / min) 85 (115) / 6000

  • Max. twisting. torque / Rotation frequency. (Nm / rev / min) 150/4300

Weight (kg)

  • Own weight according to EU regulation 1245

  • Permissible gross weight 1745

  • Carrying capacity 500

  • Permissible axial load (trans / rear) 840/1000

Traction-dynamic characteristics

  • Coefficient of aerodynamic resistance (cw) 0.29

  • Maximum speed (km / h) 200

  • Acceleration time to 100 km / h from the place (sec) 10,8

  • Acceleration time 0 - 1000 m (s) 32.3

  • Acceleration time from 80 to 120 km / h on the 4th / 5th gears 10.9 / 14.6

Fuel consumption

  • In the city (l / 100 km) 10.5

  • Out of town (l / 100 km) 5.8

  • Mixed (l / 100 km) 7.5

  • CO2 emissions (g / km) 179

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