Skoda Praktik

Skoda Praktik (Skoda Praktik) occupies a special place among commercial vehicles.

This stylish, light and functional car has managed to earn the trust of millions of entrepreneurs and every year it becomes more popular and more popular.

Skoda Praktik in terms of functionality flawless. The double car is designed to carry 550-640 kilograms of cargo, while the volume of its cargo compartment is 1900 liters.

Modest dimensions of the car are veryby the way in urban conditions: Skoda Praktik, unlike its more impressive "colleagues", easily moves through narrow streets, traverses traffic jams and parks.

That is why today, many representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, when there is a need to purchase transport for the needs of their company, stop the choice on this car.

Despite the fact that the main purpose of Skoda Praktik is cargo transportation, its developers have not forgotten about comfort and comfort driver and passenger of this car.

The cabin of the car is extremely ergonomic, all devices are informative and arranged so that it is very easy to reach them by hand.

The car is equipped with such necessary devices as air conditioning, audio system, heating and seat adjustment system.

Attention is also paid to safety: the machine is equipped with modern electronics, helping the driver avoid getting into a difficult situation, as well as an airbag. Thanks to this, driving Skoda Praktik is not only easy, but also pleasant.

Space for cargo

Available space for cargo is much larger than the volume that can be assumed, given the compactness of the car - Skoda Praktik offers a free volume of 1900 liters.

Six latches on the sides of the three-component floor covering in the cargo area ensure the stability of the load.

Skoda Praktik

The length of the loading area is 1605 mm, width - 1434 mm, height - 990 mm. Praktik has a carrying capacity of 550 kg, cars with 15-inch wheels have a bearing capacity of 640 kg.


All the controls in the driver's area are easily accessible, and the instruments are distinguished by excellent clarity and clarity. The driver has a good overview in all directions.

The instrument panel, made in Onyx color,pleasant to the touch. The seat upholstery of Praktik is extremely durable and easy to clean. The car is equipped with a steering wheel with four spokes, adjustable in height and reach, and the power steering system is included in the basic configuration.

Skoda Praktik

Skoda Praktik specifications

Engine1,2i / 51kW, 68 hp
Working volume, cm21198
Compression ratio10.5: 1
Max. cool. mt, Nm / min112/3000
Weight in running order, kg1665
Payload, kg515
Max. speed, km / h158
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from15.9
Consumption per 100 km (city / highway / ridiculous)8.7 / 5.5 / 6.6
Tank capacity, l55
Cargo space, l450-180
Rotation diameter, m10.5
Ground clearance, mm140

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