BMW X6 - the world's first Sports Activity Coupé. Maneuverability, high performance and sporty design of the luxury BMW Coupé

perfectly combined with the versatility and high seating position of the SAV.

In the new BMW X6 for the first time in the world are presented two new technologies: torque distribution system Dynamic Performance Control (included in the basic equipment) and absolutely new petrol engine Twin Turbo V8 with High Precision Injection - the most efficient engine in its class.

Dynamic characteristics

The unique concept of the car gives birth toa unique dynamics of driving. Innovative steering and suspension control systems (eg the DPC system) in combination with the most powerful BMW engines today provide unmatched performance and maneuverability previously unavailable for high-seating vehicles.


Despite the elegant image, the BMW X6 Coupestrikes an unexpected spaciousness of the cabin. The center console divides the two sports rear seats, where passengers feel almost as comfortable as the driver.

Suddenly a large space for the legs and headand a flat floor without a cardan shaft tunnel provides unsurpassed comfort on long trips. No less impressive and capacious trunk with a volume of 570 liters, expandable to 1450 liters with fully folded rear seats.


BMW X6 - sports and dynamic replenishment in the family of BMW X-series. The profile immediately strikes the elegant proportions of the BMW Coupe. The line of the roof of the smooth curve falls down to the cut of the rear of the car.

The silhouette is slightly elongated by overhang, and twoThe characteristic lines emphasize the dynamic wedge shape. Looking at the front or rear, the characteristic features of the BMW X-series are noticeable: horizontal lines and embossed wheel arches that emphasize the power, width and impressiveness of the BMW X6.

BMW X6 Car Interior reflects the active lifestyle of its owner, andfunctional parts are made in accordance with the highest quality standards. A wide selection of materials (for example, Alcantara leather) and decorative elements allows creating the most unexpected combinations.

Leather for exclusive additional leather trim of the dashboard and door panels even has a special padding to improve the perception.


In the engine BMW X6 xDrive50i for the first time in the history of eight-cylinder enginestwo technologies are combined simultaneously: high-precision fuel injection and twin turbo-supercharging Twin Turbo, which provides even more power with a more economical fuel consumption.

The figures speak for themselves: with a capacity of 300 kW (407 hp), a torque of up to 600 N • m from 1800 to 4500 rpm and an average fuel consumption of 14.1 l / 100 km (in a mixed cycle according to EU standards) 4.4 The V8 engine in the BMW X6 xDrive50i demonstrates the highest efficiency in its class.

Another completely new element is theexhaust engine compressors, which are first placed in the center of the V-cylinder block. The more compact unit size provides not only economy on the mass, but also a reduction in pressure loss between the intake and exhaust sides of the engine.



BMW X6 provides security for everyonepassenger and driver, thanks to the well-coordinated operation of all systems. In case of an accident, the signal instantly passes through the fiber optic network, ensuring instantaneous operation of all systems.

When the impact is activated, belt tensioners and tension limiters. Each of the airbags is inflated to the optimum level, depending on the strength and impact location.

If necessary, the operation of the fuel pump stops and the battery disconnects to avoid a fire or explosion. System dual-mode brake lights informs the drivers moving behind about the type of braking you apply.

If you press the brake normally, as withday traffic, only one section of the brake lights will light up. If you apply emergency braking, the whole surface of the rear lights will light, which will signal the moving behind about your emergency stop.

Drivers instinctively understand that something has happened wrong and can react in a timely manner, and it's much easier to see the big red lights.

BMW offers to equip your car night vision system, which due to the thermal imaging camera is capable ofdistinguish between people and animals at a distance of up to 300 meters. The image from the camera is displayed on the central display and you can see all the hidden obstacles on your way that you can not see with the normal headlights.

As standard, the BMW X6 includes adaptive headlightswhich allow the driver more clearlyconsider the road when turning. Headlights "track the road", turning in the direction of the turn and illuminating exactly the place where you are going to turn, thanks to the system of determining the angle of rotation. This best affects the safety of driving a car in the dark.


XDrive50i Specifications


  • Front tire size 255/50 R 19 RSC

  • Rear tire size 255/50 R 19 RSC

  • The size of the front discs is 9 J x 19 light-alloy

  • The size of the rear wheels 9 J x 19 light-alloy


  • Cylinders / valves 8/4

  • Working volume (cubic cm) 4395

  • Piston stroke / cylinder diameter (mm) 88.3 / 89.0

  • Max. power in kW (hp) at the frequency (rpm) 300 (407) / 5500-6400

  • Max. torque (N • m) at a frequency (rpm) 600 / 1750-4500

Weight (kg)

  • Unladen weight according to EU regulation 2265

  • Permissible gross weight 2840

  • Load-carrying capacity 650

  • Permissible axial load (trans / rear) 1400/1520


  • Coefficient of aerodynamic resistance (cw) 0,36

  • Maximum speed (km / h) 250

  • Acceleration time to 100 km / h from the place (s) 5.4

  • Time of passage 1000 m from a place (s) 24,6

Fuel consumption

  • In the city according to EU standards (l / 100 km) 19.6

  • Out of town according to EU standards (l / 100 km) 10.9

  • Mixed according to EU standards (l / 100 km) 14.1

  • CO2 emissions (g / km) 329

  • Tank capacity (l) 85

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