New BMW X3 has optimal preconditions for the continuation of the success of its predecessor

, which for two and a half years around the world was sold 260,000 copies.

Its new engines provide dynamic characteristics that far exceed the usual level in this segment.

Its unique dynamism, fresh design anda carefully updated interior should attract the attention of those drivers who want to enjoy the driving of a durable, dynamic and highly multifunctional car and who know how to appreciate the quality and style of a premium car.

The management of the new BMW X3 will bring them versatile pleasure at the highest level.

Unlimited possibilities of use,sporty-dynamic driving characteristics, stylish body design and high-quality finish make the new BMW X3 an exceptional phenomenon among all-wheel drive cars of this segment.

Multifunctional interior and dynamicquality create the basis for a special form of mobility. In everyday operation, the new BMW X3 impresses with ease of handling and maneuverability. Five spacious seats and equipped for carrying out serious transport tasks luggage compartment emphasize its off-road character.

In winter, on roads without a hard coating or inas a tug BMW X3 has advantages due to the suitability of its body for off-road driving, running gear and excellent traction, which provides the all-wheel drive system xDrive.


A new version of a successful universal premium car SAV (Sports Aktivity Vehicle) with an updated exterior design symbolizes the growth of maneuverability and dynamism with new more powerful and simultaneously more efficient drives.

New optics for headlights and taillights, as well aslarge, body-colored bumpers emphasize the bright, dynamic appearance and character of the premium car; high-grade interior decoration.

Widely revised front panel, steeringwheel, center console, seats, door trim, compartments and ceiling upholstery; a diverse choice of colors, upholstery and decorative elements provides a high degree of individualization.



Intellectual system of permanent fulldrive BMW xDrive with a variable pro-active redistribution of torque between the front and rear wheels with a standard distribution in a ratio of 40:60.

In order to ensure the best stability,dynamism and traction, the torque can be distributed between the axes in a ratio of 50:50 to 0: 100. In special situations, up to 100 percent of the engine torque can be transmitted briefly to the front axle.

The function of the inter-wheel differential system xDrive realizes by selective braking of the rotating wheel.

New engines of flagship models

A straight six-cylinder diesel engine (3.0 liters, 210 kW / 286 hp.) with Variable Twin Turbo technology, all-aluminum cylinder block, Common Rail injection system with piezo injectors, particulate filter and catalytic converter.

Weight-optimized in-line six-cylinderdiesel engine (3.0 liters, 160 kW / 218 hp) with turbocharger with variable geometry (VTG), all-aluminum cylinder block, Common Rail injection system with piezo injectors, particulate filter and catalytic converter.

A new generation of in-line six-cylinderpetrol engines (3.0 liters and 2.5 liters, 200 kW / 272 hp and 160 kW / 218 hp) with a cylinder block of magnesium and aluminum, VALVETRONIC systems, double VANOS and an adjustable water pump.


New six-speed automatic transmission with particularly fast switching and noticeableimproved efficiency; Dynamic Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) with additional functions now includes ABS, ASC, DBC, CBC, DTC, high-availability braking function, braking performance reduction function, brake function, automatic stability control system on the descent (HDC), the trailer stability control system.

New parallel network connection to the systemintelligent permanent all-wheel drive BMW xDrive with DSC system and engine control unit via the built-in computing module Chassis-Management; bi-xenon headlights with adaptive swivel elements and cornering lights (optional); 17-inch alloy wheels or 18-inch for X3 3.0d as standard (optional: 18-inch and 19-inch wheels).


Technical specifications of BMW X3 xDrive20i


  • Front tire 215/60 R17 96H M + S

  • Rear tire 215/60 R17 96H M + S

  • Front wheel 7 J x 17 light alloy

  • Rear wheel 7 J x 17 light alloy


  • Number of Cylinders / Valves per cylinder 4/4

  • Working volume (cc) 1995

  • Piston stroke / Bore (mm) 90,0 / 84,0

  • Rated power (kW / hp / rev / min) 110/150/6200

  • Max. twisting. torque / Rotation frequency. (Nm / rev / min) 200/3750

Weight (kg)

  • Own weight according to EU regulation 1730

  • Permissible gross weight 2200

  • Carrying capacity 545

  • Permissible axial load (L / R) 1050/1235

Traction-dynamic characteristics

  • Drag (cw) 0.35

  • Top speed (km / h) 198

  • Acceleration time to 100 km / h from the place (sec) 11,5

  • Acceleration time from 80 to 120 km / h on the 4th / 5th gears 10.9 / 13.9

Fuel consumption

  • In the city (l / 100 km) 12.6

  • Out of town (l / 100 km) 6.9

  • Mixed (l / 100 km) 9.0

  • CO2 Emissions (g / km) 215

  • Tank capacity (l) 67

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