Mercedes-Benz A-ClassMercedes class A is issued since 1999 and for this time became the real leader of sales. This car is a symbiosis of compact MPV and conventional supermini.

In the modern metropolis, where every parking space and the ability to maneuver in traffic jams are valuable, small sizes The car became its great merit. Mercedes class A has earned the sympathy of wealthy people.


The car is in the stage continuous updating and improvement, the design improves, changes are made to the interior. In the model Mercedes A class in 2008, a parking sensor was introduced from the intelligent sensor system.

But, perhaps, the most significant improvement is the installation start-stop systems, allowing to disconnect the car engineautomatically in conditions of idling, and then carry out its start, which saves fuel. Agree, in an economic crisis, such an addition is very important.

Improved aerodynamic properties of a car, its weight has been reduced.

Since 2004 Mercedes A class is reliable, although there have been cases of complaints about the rapid wear of couplings and some problems with electronics.

A number of improvements in 2008 are aimed primarily at improving the reliability of the car, according to the representatives of the company, special attention is directed to eliminating previously voiced problems.

In 2008, the model had some interior enhancement, but despite this, the salon continues to look somewhat gloomy and conservative, too many dark shades and plastic. There is no that gloss and chic, inherent in furnish of interiors of "big" Mercedes.


The improvement of the survey is secured by a high landingdriver, the windshield rack is narrow, which creates additional convenience when parking the car, and the installed parking sensor makes the approach to the parking easy even for the beginner.

Ultrasonic sensors measure the necessary space for parking andautomatically adjust the steering wheel, the driver only squeezes the gas pedal and brakes, everything else the machine does itself, a very easy-to-use assistance system when starting from a parking spot on an inclined surface, allows the car not to roll back.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The Mercedes class A perfectly behaves in the city limits, but the car will not let its owner out of the city either.

Adaptive suspension, behaves perfectly and at high speed, the car is equipped with a stability control system, which avoids the roll of the body, it is more pleasant to operate this car than it may seem at first.

Sensitive to speed power steering allows you to easily drive in the city with a limited speed limit and is resistant to driving a car out of town when you can afford to go faster.


This car brand is equipped different engines: A200 power of 193 horsepower, diesel, which at the start from the place accelerates to 100 km per hour for 11 seconds.

Another modification is equipped with an enginethe power of 109 horsepower and a 6-speed gearbox at the start accelerates to 100 km per hour in 11.5 seconds. There is an engine with a power of 82 horsepower and a five-speed gearbox, running on gasoline, here the figures are more modest, but buyers like the car and with these technical characteristics.


Despite the small size, the A-class is different excellent reliability, which is confirmed by various crash tests.

The multilayer bottom body experts call sandwich, was created specifically to allow the engine and transmission to shift in the frontal collision, compensating for the short snub nose.

In 2008, the model range included a newequipment that includes a driver assistance system when starting from a standstill, the automatic activation of brake lights in case of emergency braking and an alarm in case of an accident.

Collision safety is ensured front and side airbags, seat belts equipped pretensioners and for the rear and for the front seats. If desired, you can purchase optional side and rear airbags and protective curtains.


A pleasant moment in the operation of a Class A Mercedes is fuel consumption. In a car with a manual transmission on a 100 km path leaves 6,2 l gasoline, and the emission of carbon dioxide is in the range of 148-159 g-km.

The fuel consumption for the operation of diesel engines is 4,9 l per 100 km, and the emission of carbon dioxide is 128-137 g per km.

The disadvantage of the car is its high price and tightness of the salon: the central place is very small, and only two people can sit behind.

Although the seats are comfortable. In my opinion, the great advantage of the interior of the five-door version of the car is that rear seats completely removed, which allows you to transport goods.

But in comparison with cars of the same class, but less expensive brands, Nissan Note and Renault, for example, where the seats are folded easily and easily, the Mercedes very much loses.

Standard equipment includes air conditioning, a disc player, electric sikloklopodniki, chrome exterior trim of the car, steel wheels, very comfortable front seats.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Specifications Mercedes-Benz A 150 Hatchback 5d 5MT

general information
  • Production start: 2004

  • End of production: -

  • Acceleration to 100 km / h, from: 12.6

  • The maximum speed, km / h: 175.0

  • Curb / Max weight, kg: 1225/1690

  • Fuel consumption, l / 100 km

    • city ​​/ route / average: 7.9 / 5.4 / 6.2

  • Fuel tank, l: 54

  • Type: Hatchback

  • Seats / Doors: 5/4

  • Length / width / height, mm: 3838/1764/1593

  • Track front / rear, mm: 1556/1551

  • Wheelbase, mm: 2568

  • Trunk volume min / max, l: 435/1995

  • Turning radius, m: 5.5

  • Type: Petrol

  • Location: Front, transversely

  • Volume, cm3: 1498

  • Configuration: L4

  • Max. power (revolutions), hp (min-1): 95 (5200)

  • Max. torque (revolutions), Nm (min-1): 140 (3500-4000)

  • Max. revolutions, min-1: -

  • Compression Ratio: 11.0

  • Timing: SOHC

  • Valves per cylinder: 2

  • Power system: Distributed injection

  • Control System: Electronic

  • Supercharging: No

  • Piston stroke / diameter, mm: 69.2 / 83.0

  • Permissible fuel: AI-95

  • Recommended fuel: AI-95

  • Max. oil consumption, l / 1000km: -

  • Type of gearbox: 5-speed mechanics

  • Drive: Front

  • Front suspension: Independent, type McPherson, with anti-roll bar

  • Rear suspension: Semi-independent, spring-loaded, with anti-roll bar
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