altIn 2015, ethnic-style decorations again in thefashion. Stylists suggest wearing a lot of bracelets and several rings on one finger, and neck to adorn with countless beads of beads. And all this in order to achieve an original image with ethnic ornaments - the trend of the spring-summer season of 2015.

Fashionable ethnic jewelry 2015: the main trends

The main difference between fashionable jewelry in ethnicstyle is the use of natural materials for their manufacture. For example, wood, alloys, stones, fabrics, feathers. Due to this, ethno-colors are not only beautiful and unusual, but also have a special positive energy.

If we talk about the main fashion trends, then inThis year, special popularity will be enjoyed by Tibetan ethnic decorations - fenichki, rings, beads, amulets. Also stylists advise to draw the attention of women of fashion to bulky earrings with turquoise - ailong.altalt

Another trend of 2015 - jewelry from the erahippie. Although these accessories can not be called absolutely ethnic (they are inherent in the style, not the people), many of the hippy ornaments were borrowed from folk folklore. So, for example, in 2015, very popular will be thin bracelets, phoenic beads, long pendants, large earrings and original rings.altaltalt

Do not leave the designers without attention and orientalornaments. This year, women of fashion can not do without a luxurious necklace of artificial stones, long earrings-chandeliers, multi-layer bracelets and bright jewelry for the hair.altaltalt

What to wear ethnic jewelry in 2015

In 2015, designers offer to wearethnic decorations are absolutely with any style of clothing. So, for example, a strict straightened straight dress will look no less elegant if you add it with a small bracelet, miniature ringlet or Scythian earrings. Of course, the office style does not accept large and bright ethno-colors. But modest earrings and necklaces in the Greek style, made of silver, will be quite appropriate. Silver ethnic decorations can also be complemented with a long evening dress.alt

Accessories made of clay, bone, wood andinexpensive metals stylists recommend to wear with simple simple clothes. For example, with jeans and a turtleneck, leggings and tunic, knitted dress, shirt and trousers. And jewelry made of beads and accessories with stones look amazing with national clothes - saris, trousers, long skirts, loose things made of cotton and linen.altalt

Also, ethno-colors in 2015 effectively look with summer things - all sorts of sarafans, light dresses, T-shirts and tops.

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