How to instill a love of reading for a child?The book evokes imagination and imagination,entertains, educates and teaches. In addition, the book is useful even from a purely practical point of view. Reading books, you can learn many new words, increase your level of literacy and erudition.

Often parents complain that modern children almost do not like reading at all - They like to watch TV more. But the most famous and popular movies are often taken from books. Screened and beloved all the old books, such as "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer" Mark Twain, and the newest, including "Harry Potter" by Joanne Rowling and "Lord of the Rings" by John R.R. Tolkien. But even a very successful film adaptation will not replace the pleasure of reading a good book.

To instill in a child a love of reading, parentsthemselves must love the communication with the book. When mom and dad do not read books at all, and the child is told that it is very useful and important, it is unlikely that this suggestion will have any effect at all. Therefore, rule # 1 - in the family read everything.

Acquaintance with books at school, when readingis "obligatory", will not bring pleasure to the child who since small years has not made friends with the book. Therefore, to instill in a child the love of reading can and should already be from an early age. You can start with special soft books withsimple pictures, gradually moving to more complex books. If the book for the child is selected correctly, and classes with it are held regularly, then very quickly the child will love reading.

When a child is just learning to read, Do not need too much and often pull it up, if he says something wrong. Otherwise, the desire to read will disappear from the baby for a long time.

Reading should bring the child only positive emotions. For example, a mother can read a fairy tale to a childnight or accompany reading a book by the game. So, while reading a fairy tale about a turnip or kolobok, the mother can offer the child to show those heroes and those actions that are described in the fairy tale. You can read the book by roles and give the child to feel like a real actor.

Reading you can reward. Any privileges that a child will receive for reading a given amount of text will significantly increase his motivation to read books.

It is impossible to force child to read the book that he does not like. Therefore, with a grown up child, books can be chosen together. Let the trip to the bookstore be a pleasant, long-awaited event. Parents of schoolchildren often fear that they themselves can choose a "bad" book, and insist on those books that parents like. In this case, you can try to compromise: the child chooses one book to his taste, and the other reads on the advice of the parents.

Love for reading can not be forced - the child should want to read it myself. Every mother can find her own way to avoidto force the child to read, but to interest him in reading. For those children who already know how to read, but do not want to, they often use this method. Mom reads the book to the child and stops at the most interesting place, explaining that she has a lot of urgent matters. The kid does not have anything left (if he really is curious what will happen next) how to read the book yourself and find out the ending.

Another wonderful way to encourage a child to read is the so-called " "Iskra Downis method" (child psychologist). One day a child wakes up and finds a letter under the pillow from a fairy-tale character, where in only two large lines he tells the baby that he wants to be friends with him, and a gift for him is there and there then. The gift is in the right place. The next morning the child will find another letter saying that his "friend" wanted to leave him tickets to the circus, but saw how badly he behaved. And because the tickets are postponed. Every day the letters are longer, but read faster. The child enjoys reading, because it is for him connected with something interesting and enjoyable.

How to instill a love of reading for a child? How to instill a love of reading for a child?
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