Dave - a college student who tries to pass exams in physics and appoint a date to the girl of her dreams Becky.

Suddenly, his life bursts into an eccentric Balthasar Blake. It turns out that Balthazar - a modern magician, who for a long time was looking for a man equal or superior in strength to himself.

When Balthazar's longtime enemy, Maxim Horvath threatens not only to destroy Blake, but also to destroy all New York, Balthasar undertakes to teach Dave science and the art of magic.

Unlike wizardstogether to stop the forces of evil. Dave will need all his courage to survive training, save the city and free the girl, because now he is the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

year 2010

a country USA

tagline "This is a dream job"


Nicolas Cage

Jay Baruchel

Alfred Molina

Teresa Palmer

Toby Kebbell

Omar Benson Miller

Monica Bellucci

Alice Kruejge

Jake Cherry

James A. Stephens

producer John Terteltaub

scenario Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard, Matt Lopez, ...

producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Nicolas Cage, Todd Garner, ...

operator Boyan Baselli

composer Trevor Rabin

genre Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, ...

premiere July 14, 2010

premiere (RF) July 15, 2010

DVD release November 2010

release on Blu-ray November 2010

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