Princessa Monoke

The Young Prince Ashitaka, killing a boar, brought upon himself deadly curse. The old witch doctor predicted to him that only he himself is able to change his destiny. And the brave warrior went to dangerous journey.

So he ended up in a mysterious country where people under the leadership of the evil lady Eboshi fought with the inhabitants of the forest: spirits, demons and giant creatures, which Ashitaka had never seen before.

And there was a princess with them Mononoke - lady of beasts and the she-wolf's daughter. Now the fate of all depends only on one warrior - Prince Ashitaka.

year 1997

a country Japan

tagline "The Fate Of The World Rests On The Courage Of One Warrior."


Yohji Matsuda

Yuriko Ishida

Yuko Tanaka

Kaoru Kobayashi

Masahiko Nishimura

Tsunehiko Kamijou

Sumi Shimamoto

Tetsu Watanabe

Mitsuru Sato

Akira Nagoya

producer Hayao Miyazaki

scenario Hayao Miyazaki

producer Yutaka Narita, Seiji Okuda, Toshio Suzuki, ...

operator Atsushi Okui

composer Joe Hisaishi

genre fantasy, drama, adventure, cartoon, anime, ...

budget ¥ 2,400,000,000

premiere 12 July 1997

premiere (RF) June 24, 2010

DVD release 11 November 2010

time 134 min.

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