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The webcam on the laptop is installed by the manufacturerfor many purposes: here and communication between friends or relatives, and holding conferences online, and much more. However, it is far from always possible to include a webcam without complications. Mainly this is due to the fact that they are installed by the manufacturer, they require a call through a certain menu, and not everyone knows where to look for the necessary parameters.

How to turn on the webcam on a laptop?

How to enable the webcam on the laptop - with this questionbegins work with the camera. And the first thing you need to know is the built-in camera or the external one is on the laptop. Built-in cameras are connected via programs, external cameras are connected via external connectors. The problems of the outer chambers are often eliminated only by inspecting the connectors and connecting the tulip. Search for the problems of embedded cameras should start with drivers that are often forgotten to install, which is why the inclusion of the webcam on the laptop does not happen properly.

Drivers are utilities created to control the operation of the device. For each device there are utility utilities. They can be found on the Internet, for each OS - their own.

There are webcams that do not needspecial drivers. To work, you just need to insert it into the connector, and the system itself will install the necessary utilities. This way can take advantage of the owners of Windows 7 and 8. Those who are looking for drivers via the Internet should use the data of their webcam when searching.

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How to install the driver to turn on the webcam?

After the driver was found, downloadthey need only on the official website. Preferably in Russian. Usually on the site you can find the Russian version in the section "Technical specifications". There, the right version is selected and installed in accordance with the instruction. After installation, you usually need to restart the laptop to start working with the new program.

If the drivers are present and installed correctly, but you can not turn on the webcam in the laptop, you do not need to remove them. And the settings for the Skype program will have to be checked. This is done like this:

  1. the Skype program is launched;

  2. in the menu there is a section "Tools";

  3. in this section - the "Settings" column;

  4. you need to go to the "Basic" tab;

  5. click on the "Video settings" section.

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If there is a video broadcast after these actionsyou can be calm - the camera works in the correct mode. In the same window, it is adjusted in accordance with the requirements, the image is improved within the limits of the possible.

If the video has not been launched, it means that the inscription appeared that Skype did not find the program. You may need to reinstall Skype, but first you should check all the wires and connectors.

If the reinstallation of Skype did not help, then the problem is technical, not software. Although there is an option that the wrong driver is installed, which does not allow the program to start.

How to find a webcam in a laptop?

Typically, laptops have a tab in the Device Manager, which is called "Sounds and sound devices." It only remains to select the "Enable" command.

The webcam in the laptop, built-in or external, connects easily, it's also easy to launch.

The main thing is to follow simple installation rulesand work. If there are any doubts in some actions, it is advisable to consult on their usefulness, and then there will be no special difficulties.

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