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To date, all manufacturersNotebooks are equipped with built-in webcams. This greatly simplifies the life of a simple user - you can not only shoot a video, but also take photos. And because everyone sooner or later will be interested in how to be photographed on a webcam?

How to take pictures from a laptop with built-in software

Development of unique softwarefor a model range of manufactured notebooks has become a visiting card of any manufacturer. Programs for convenient use of the camera are among them.

For example, laptops "Hewlett-Packard" thisthe HP Camera application. Click "Start", then click "All Programs", and then find the line "HP", where the desired software will be located. You can also set certain parameters of the picture: the photo size and the self-timer settings. At the bottom of the window is the button "Driver Properties", where you can set the color saturation, contrast and other unique settings. Use the camera icon from the shooting mode selection menu to take a picture. If you do not need the self-timer, find the round button at the bottom of the program window and click it with the left mouse button click. Well, that's it, you took a photo from the laptop camera. It will be saved by the Windows system (starting with version "7") in the "Images" library.

In the case of Windows XP, click the "Start" menu,select "Control Panel", where click "Scanners and Cameras". Select the device you want by double-clicking the left mouse button or touchpad. In the window that appears, click the "Uncheck" button - you can save the resulting image to any folder convenient for you.

Do not forget about the standard editorPaint images. Select "From the scanner or camera" in the "File" menu in the upper left corner and repeat the steps described above. At the same time, the image can be edited.

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How to take a picture on a webcam on a laptop using third-party software

Here you will see a huge variety of different programs and utilities that can take photos and at the same time have various customizable parameters. Consider a few of the most common.

Live Web Cam

It can be downloaded from the official sitedeveloper, the more it is free. Install and run the program. On the right there is a button "Take a picture", with her help you can take a photo. You can also set the save path of the images in the "Settings" menu.


Select in the open application in the panel"Tools" menu item "Settings". In the "Video Settings" tab, activate the "Enable Skype video" option. In the upper right corner of the screen should appear a picture confirming the serviceability of the camera.

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Press the button "Video freeze-frame", thencan be photographed on the webcam, simply by clicking "Take a picture." You can select the desired area of ​​the image and save it separately. You can change the contrast and brightness level using the "Webcam Settings" menu.

Resource "Vkontakte"

Open a personal page in this social network,hover your mouse over your avatar and select the "Upload a new photo" option. In the pop-up window, you can choose the type of download - a photo saved on the laptop, or the item "take a snapshot", which will make a quick snapshot. It can also be edited using various built-in social networking tools.

Rejoice your loved ones with sudden photos,which were made during communication with them via Skype or with the help of other applications. After reading this article, you not only learned how to take pictures on a webcam on a laptop, but also how to save this photo to yourself for memory.

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