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To date, all manufacturersLaptops equip the manufactured devices with built-in cameras. One of the flagships and the main innovators in this remains the company Hewlett-Packard. And many happy owners of these gadgets are concerned with the question: how to configure the camera on an HP laptop?

Enabling the camera on an HP laptop: why do you need it?

In order to turn on the webcam on its ownA laptop needs to know where it is. At the moment there is an unspoken rule to place this device on the top of the screen, almost perfectly in the center. This allows you to develop the feeling of a "live" presence, as if the interviewees are sitting opposite each other.

At the same time, this device greatly simplifieslife of the ordinary user. After all, now there is no need for additional spending on the purchase of an external web camera, as in the case of a desktop computer. You can communicate with friends and colleagues using video from a cozy cafe, a coffee table in your apartment, on a bench near the university.

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How to turn on the camera on an HP laptop

Developers of operating systems (Windows 7 andothers) have worked hard to fully automate many of the problems that users face in order to simplify the operation of the computer. Therefore, ways to enable a webcam on an HP laptop should not cause serious difficulties for the average user.

  1. Try to press the Fn + F2 key combination, and after you go to My Computer and find the webcam shortcut among the listed devices, double click on it.

  2. If the first method fails, thenreboot the laptop. Do not forget to press the F9 key in time to enter the BIOS. Find the webcam in the list of devices and, if necessary, enable it (the Enabled state). Save the settings, reboot, and test the device.

  3. If after the done actions it does not succeedturn on the camera on the HP laptop, then right click on the icon "My Computer". Select the "Management" line in the context menu, and in the opened window, on the left side, click the "Task Manager" menu item. On the right we find the line "Device for image processing" and click on the icon next to it in the form of a cross. The menu will drop down and right click on the line "USBvideodevice", select "Enable".

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HP Notebook PC does not see webcam

If in the My Computer window (or on the desktoptable) there is no display device shortcut, the problem is most likely in the drivers. The operating system installs them in automatic mode in most cases. But it is possible that the available drivers somehow did not fit this device or a system failure occurred.

In this case, you need to remove the available drivers(it can be done in the "Device Manager") and put new ones that you need to download on the official website of the manufacturer Hewlett-Packard. After that, restart the laptop.

To test the web, you can use the built-in HP MediaSmart application, or third-party software (Skype, ICQ, Vkontakte).

As you could see, turn on the webcam onHP laptop can almost everyone. And this means that nothing can interfere with the joy of communicating with important people. But if nothing happened, then do not worry, the specialists of the service center will be happy to help you.

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