How to install a font in Windows

The Windows operating system comes witha huge number of different fonts. However, often there is a need to add a new font, which you may need when working with both text and graphics. In this article, how to install a font in Windows.

First of all, download a font file from the Internet. Today there are quite a lot of sites,associated with fonts and font design. Before downloading, make sure that the source from which you are downloading can be trusted. Basically, the font files are in the archives, so before installing, be sure to unpack. Also, remember that not all fonts support Cyrillic: some contain only Latin characters.

Usually, font files use the TTF extension (True Type Fonts). This format was developed in the 1980s by Apple, and today it is used in many operating systems. Besides, You can find font files with FON and TTC extensions.

To install a font in Windows 7, XP or Vista, you need to enter the menu "Start", where you should choose "Control Panel". Before you will see a window in which you need to click on the folder "Fonts". We go into it, then click on the menu item "File", in which we choose "Install font". The resulting dialog box will requireSelect the drive on which the font is placed, and specify the required path. In the "Font List" section, a list of files with the TTF, FON and TTC extensions that are in the selected folder will be displayed. From this list, select the font that you want to add, and click the button "Install".

You can also install the font in Windows in other ways. Just click on the font file with the right mouse button, by calling the context menu, in which you should select "Install". The same installation procedure will occur.

There is a third way. Again, through the Control Panel open the folder with the fonts, which should be easy drag with the mouse, holding on it the left button, the font file. Only the window appears in which to confirm the installation.

It is worth noting that all fonts are on the computer at C: WindowsFonts. Therefore, for installation it will also be enough just to copy the file of the required font to this folder.

After the installation procedure, the font can beuse. It will necessarily appear in all programs, in which there is a choice of font. They are pure Microsoft Office of all versions, Adobe applications, Corel and many others.

Finally it is necessary to tell, how to remove a font. The reason for this can serve too muchthe number of installed fonts that you do not use. In addition, several hundred extra fonts can increase the download time of not only certain specific programs, but also the entire operating system.

Also go to the folder with the fonts, where bySelect the font that you want to remove. We call it the context menu using the right mouse button, in which we select the "Delete" item. A confirmation dialog box appears. However, when deleting, you need to be careful, since Many fonts are used by the operating system itself, they include: Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, Wingdings, Symbol, MS Serif and MS Sans Serif.

How to install a font in Windows
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