How to open CHM?
In the process of working on the computer userscan face a variety of types of files. Most types of files are automatically "picked up" by the installed programs and open without problems, but with some there may be difficulties. So, some users are interested, than to open CHM.

First, let's figure out what the CHM format is and why anyone might need to open CHM at all. CHM (HTMLHelp) is a format of help files developed by Microsoft. The CHM file contains a set of HTML pages,It can also include a page-linked content, an index and a database for full-text search. The CHM format supports all the formatting features that are available in HTML and CSS, while it "weighs" less than regular HTML.

Since the format was developed by Microsoft, you can open CHM with standard Windows tools. In all versions of Windows (starting with Windows 98), there is standard tool for viewing CHM files - utility hh.exe, located in the directory C: WINDOWS.

To open CHM, right-click on the file. A context menu opens, in which you select the item "Open with ...". From the list of programs offered, select the program "Microsoft® HTML HTML Help" ("Microsoft® HTML Help Executable"), putcheck the box next to "Use for all files of this type" and click OK. If there is no program in the program list, click "Browse" and find the executable file hh.exe in the Windows folder.

However, sometimes there may be failures when opening CHM files. What if you can not open CHM? First, check the path to the file. In some cases do not open CHM files in the path to which there are Cyrillic characters, an underscore (_) or a lattice character (#). Therefore, try renaming the folder in which the file is located, or move it to another folder, and then check to see if you can open CHM.

Also, you may not be able to open CHM as a result of a system crash. To fix this failure, click the "Start" button, select "Run", in the opened window, enter the command regsvr32% windir% system32hhctrl.ocx and click OK. Should help.

In the CHM format, not only fileshelp, but also e-books. Therefore, open CHM can also be a number of programs designed to read e-books: in this case, they are often more convenient than the standard Windows utility. Which programs support the CHM format?

Unfortunately, the CHM format is not documented,so it is not supported by all the "reader" programs; often the support of CHM is declared as an experimental function, or the format is partially supported. However, there are a number of programs that can help open CHM. So, this format supports a well-known tool for working with e-books - Caliber.

CoolReader supports the CHM format, starting with version 3 and above (the latest version is 3.0.51). Support for CHM is stated in the popular program FBReader, but in practice when reading books in this format, tables are not displayed. But if there is no table in the file, the program will cope with it. ICE Book Reader Professional Also supports CHM without using the Microsoft components for this.

There are special programs that allow you to open CHM from portable devices (phones, smartphones, tablets). So, for gadgets running on the Windows Mobile platform, there is a program AlReader. It declares experimental support for CHM. Google Play (formerly Android Market) offers a number of "readers" for Android, supporting CHM, for example, Android CHM EBook Reader. The App Store also has applications that allow you to open CHM on the iOS operating system.

So not so terrible CHM, as it is painted, There are several ways to open this format, and there is nothing complicated in them.

How to open CHM?
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