How to use the keyboard
Many owners of personal computers are wondering, how to use the keyboard most effectively, since it is the interaction with this control device that determines the speed of work on the computer.

To acquire this or that skill, a person needs regular workouts. Are no exception and the skills of using the keyboard. With constant training, the necessary skills are achieved quickly enough, and then you will only need to maintain the form.

Use the keyboard correctly save one's time. This is the main reason learn how to type quickly. Before you start learning, remember,that in no case need to hurry. The most important thing is to develop the muscle memory of the fingers well, to the extent that the printing process is practically not controlled.

To begin with it is necessary to estimate speed with which you type the text. With good printing speed the number of characters can vary from 200 to 250 per minute. Correlate these figures with your result to see the difference.

In order to effectively use the keyboard, you need to master ten-finger print, and it is desirable to do it blindly. You need to start with the correct location of the fingers on the keyboard: the fingers of the left hand should be on the keys "F", "Y", "B" and "A", and the fingers of the right hand should be placed on the "O", "L", "D" and "F". There is a second variant of the arrangement of the fingers: the left hand on "Y", "B", "A" and "M", and the right one on "T", "O", "L" and "D". You must remember the location of other keys on the keyboard and then start printing. At the initial stage, take your time. The main condition is not to look at the keyboard.

Today there are a large number of special sites with so-called simulators for teaching skills of blind printing. Also on the Internet you can find programs,which can be downloaded and installed on your computer. The easiest way to master fast printing is to maintain your own blogs, print a large number of texts, chat with friends in a chat room and so on.

Also, to effectively use the keyboard, we recommend learn more keyboard shortcuts for programs that you use. This will allow you to shift as little as possibleHand on the mouse and look for various functions on the program menu. Keyboard shortcuts can be used to save or print documents and other files, to copy and paste text and graphic information.

It is necessary to note that besides the alphanumeric panel on the keyboard there is also function keys, numeric keypad (NumLock), as well as the navigation bar (cursor keys). To use the keyboard, you need to know the purpose of each such panel.

Function keys are required to quickly call up various actionsin programs, for example, in any Internet browser, you can refresh the page by pressing the F5 key. The cursor keys allow you to move the cursor one line at the beginning or end of the line and so on. The digital panel is intended for a more convenient set of digits and performing mathematical operations.

As you could see, effective use of the keyboard significantly increases the speed of work behind the computer. Of course, to learn fast printing and memorizing keyboard shortcuts, you need time, so you will have to make considerable efforts.

How to use the keyboard
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