Programs for reading DjVu format
One of the popular formats of electronic documents, which you may encounter, is the DjVu format. It was designed to store scanned documents. What are the free programs for reading DjVu format?

Usually the DjVu format is used for storagescanned books (manuscripts, magazines, etc.) in cases where it is either impossible to fully recognize the document due to the abundance of drawings, schemes, etc., or it is extremely important to keep it in its original state. This is a fairly popular format, which you can easily face in the process of studying or working. To work properly with documents stored in this format, you will need special programs for reading the DjVu format.

Of course, there are "omnivorous" programs that, in addition to the DjVu format, work with a host of other graphic formats and e-book formats. Such programs include, for example, STDUViewer (we already talked about this program in our article about reading the FB2 format). But if you often have to work with documents in this format, it's better to prefer specialized programs for reading the DjVu format, which provide much more possibilities.

One of the most popular programs for viewing files in this format is cross-platform utility WinDjViewwhich works not only on Windows, but also onMac OS X. The application interface is multilanguage, including Russian language. The program allows you to view opened documents in both tabs and in separate windows, supports full-screen mode.

WinDjView has flexible settings. Different viewing modes are available (continuous andsingle-page, there is also the ability to display the view) and display (color / black and white, front / back plane). A mode of rapid magnification and scaling by selection is available.

Pages can be rotated 90 degrees in both directions. You can set the scale (in height or width of the page, 100% and custom), adjust brightness, contrast and gamma. Navigation and scrolling can be performed using both mouse and keyboard.

Users are given the opportunity to dobookmarks and annotations, supports hyperlinks, table of contents, text search, copying (if the document has a text OCR layer), dictionaries for translating words under the mouse pointer. Export of pages or their parts to popular graphic formats is available, are supported advanced printing capabilities.

Another popular program for reading files in DjVu format is called DjVu Reader. It is very simple to work, the interface is clearintuitive, so that even a novice user can understand it. This program does not weigh a lot and does not require installation: all you need is just to unpack it into the necessary folder.

DjVu Reader allows you to view several DjVu files in different tabs at once. "Flip" pages can be either using the navigation buttons, or using the space bar. The zoom function is available, changesbrightness and contrast of the document. It is possible to make and save a screenshot of a part of the page, and also copy the text to the clipboard (if the document has a text OCR layer).

However, this program has a number of shortcomings, in particular - the lack of a search function for the document, a lower speed of operation compared to the same WinDjView.

You can also try the DjVu Solo program, which has a standard set of functions forView DjVu documents: zoom, view modes, adjust the contrast and brightness, add bookmarks and comments, advanced printing features, thumbnail pages for navigation. It is also possible to edit and create DjVu files.

The main disadvantage of the program Is that the latest version was released in 2000, and since then the program has not been updated. In this regard, it can not read files older than version 25. Also in this program is not very convenient navigation (there is no navigation with the mouse).

There are also special browser plugins (for example, DjVu Browser plugin), allowingview DjVu files directly in the browser window. True, the functionality of such plug-ins is usually truncated compared to full-fledged programs for working with the DjVu format.

Programs for reading DjVu format
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