How to create a PDF file
PDF format is created for submission in electronic format.the form of various printing products (books, magazines and so on). To view this format, a free Adobe Acrobat program is usually used. In this article, how to create a PDF file.

First of all, it must be said that You can make a PDF file by converting a .doc file, if any is available. Today, there are several ways to perform this procedure. One of them is the installation of a computer program Apache OpenOffice, in which there is a built-in conversion function. You must enter the menu "File" and select item «Export to PDF ...». A dialog box opens, in which you will have to set all the necessary parameters.

Another way to convert is to use special online services, the most popular of which is On this site you will find a form called "Convert document". Click on the button "Overview" and select the desired DOC-file located on your hard drive. Next in the line «In format» choose Adobe Acrobat PDF and click the "Convert document" button. After the service has finished the conversion, a window will appear on the screen that will prompt you to save the resulting PDF file.

To create a PDF file without having a readyDOC-file, you need to use a special program for self-layout of the future file. The most common software package for solving this problem is TeX. Thanks to this computer layout system, you can create a PDF file from scratch. However, it is quite difficult to use this program, since knowledge of a special markup language is required for this.

Speaking of creating PDF files, you need to tell about PDFCreator. The essence of her work is to create the so-called virtual printer, which instead of the usual printing of a document orimage creates a duplicate of it in PDF format. This application works fine with any program that has print support. Also PDFCreator has the ability to encrypt to protect the file from printing or viewing. In addition, with the help of this program You can merge several PDF files into one. The application has an intuitive interface, translated into many languages, including Russian.

PDFCreator is completely free, and the distribution can be downloaded from the officialsite of the program. After installing this application, you can run any text editor or program to view images and open the source file. Then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P or in the menu "File" select item «Printing ...». A dialog box for the parameters of sadness will appear on the screen, where in the drop- select PDFCreator. Next, the program automatically converts the document into a PDF format.

The same goes for images. In the same way, they can be converted to PDF, and then, if necessary, using PDFCreator, the resulting image is pasted into an existing PDF file, which as a result will consist of several pages.

As you could see, creating a PDF file by converting other formats is easy, but if you want to create such a file from scratch, It will take some effort to learn the markup language. Finally it is worth mentioning that many people mark the PDF as the most convenient for reading, besides, the Adobe Acrobat program for opening this format is free. Modern mobile devices with the Android operating system also easily open PDF files.

How to create a PDF file
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