What is Lorem ipsum?Imagine: you decided to order the design of some printed products (say, an information booklet) or a website. The designer sends you a layout for approval, and there instead of a normal test - some gibberish, starting with the words "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet ...". What is this Lorem ipsum?

Lorem ipsum - this is the so-called text-fish. When developing a website design or anyit is very important to have an idea of ​​how the text on the page will look. But often at the stage of developing a design layout of the finished text, which should eventually be on the site or in the booklet, not yet. And the empty space needs to be filled in some way, without it the design will look unfinished.

You can, of course, use repetitive words, but looking like this text will be unnatural. For this, there are text-fish, allowing you to visually evaluate the fonts, formatting and layout of the text on the page. Usually such texts do not make any sense, so as not to distract attention from the design. The most common and oldest fish text is Lorem ipsum.

At first glance it may seem that Lorem ipsum is written in Latin. This is Latin - only distorted. The text Lorem ipsum is created on the basis of a passage from the philosophical treatise "On the limits of good and evil", written by Cicero in 45 BC. e. The text of the passage was later distorted and it does not make any sense. Even his initial words, according to which he got his name, is a distorted phrase "Qui dolorem ipsum".

The Lorem ipsum text was first used in the 16th century by an unknown typographer for a set of sample fonts. This text not only survived five centuries, butand moved from the printing industry to the sphere of electronic layout. One of the first desktop publishing systems, Aldus PageMaker (since 1994, known as Adobe PageMaker), it was Lorem ipsum that used the fish text.

Lorem ipsum is used to fill layouts when evaluating design because it helps to fill the template more or less as usual and show how the letters and spaces in the paragraphs will be arranged. A simple repetition of several identical words of such a plausible distribution will not.

The only true text of Lorem ipsum is not -there are different versions. Some of them appeared by mistake, some were deliberately invented and represent humorous variations. By the way, that's why It is necessary to check the Lorem ipsum text before using it in the layout: if you are doing a serious project, you are unlikely to like it, if in the middle of the text-fish there will be some not quite a decent joke.

The Lorem Ipsum text itself is rather short, you may need more words to fill the layout. You can simply repeat this text as many times as necessary to fill an empty space, and you can use special generators. They usually need to specify the number of words (paragraphs, bytes, lists - if you need a text formatted as a list), and the program will generate the required amount of text.

And you can try using the functionality provided by MS Office 2007. In this office package there is a function lorem: = lorem (parameter1, parameter 2). In this formula, parameter1 is the number of paragraphs of the text, and parameter2 is the number of sentences from which the paragraph will consist. For example, if you need to generate text from
three paragraphs of five sentences each, you need to type = lorem (3,5) and press Enter, then the text Lorem ipsum of the specified length appears in the document.

But keep in mind that Lorem ipsum is a classic text-fish for Latin texts. If you need to demonstrate how the text written in Cyrillic will look, it is better to use text-fish in Russian. It is desirable, again, not to take coherent text (it will distract from the design), but use a special program - a text generator ("bredregenerator").

What is Lorem ipsum?
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