Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

In pursuit of fashion novelties are not always possiblequickly figure out what exactly an ordinary user would be worth buying: a laptop or a tablet. What should be given preference, because at any time you can need both. The country of the Soviets will tell you what's best: a tablet or laptop.

Tablet and laptop: how are they different and how to make a choice?

Many can argue that the original realThe choice between what to buy - a tablet or laptop - does not exist. For a professional, these two devices are really so different that the choice will not be difficult at all. However, let's look from the point of view of a simple consumer, what is the difference between a tablet and a laptop.

A laptop is a full-fledged mobile computer withkeyboard and overall screen, it has a mass of various functions that are absolutely inaccessible on the tablet. The capabilities of the laptop are determined by its specific configuration and software.

Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

The tablet takes, rather, an intermediatethe position between the mobile computer and the cell phone, it must have a touch screen and a lot less peripheral devices than the laptop, but it is smaller, lighter and works much longer without recharging.

Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

To make the right choice, it is necessary in advancePrecisely determine: for what you will need your new acquisition. For example, on a laptop you can work with any programs available to you, but the tablet is convenient for working with documents. But this is only a superficial glance, so it is worthwhile to understand in more detail what is best: a tablet or a laptop.

Advantages of the tablet

Let's start comparing the tablet and laptop with their applications.

  1. The tablet is great as an e-reader. A large enough screen and an incredibly long battery life without recharging will ensure that you read your favorite book for a long 10 hours.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  2. The tablet turns on incredibly fast. After a single click, you can go online or watch a movie in a couple of seconds.

    On a note! Keep in mind that the speed of the tabletsis due only to the fact that they work on systems designed specifically for tablets, for example, Apple iOS and Google Android. If you take a similar tablet with Windows 7 or 8, its performance will leave much to be desired. Therefore, choose the correct tablet.

  3. During the meeting, the big laptop does not feel likeInclude, so quick access to the information you need will ensure exactly the tablet. The size can be different, but still always noticeably smaller than a laptop. Yes, and weight is important - compared with weighing from 3 to 5 kg laptop average 400-gram tablet looks simply weightless.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  4. Due to the fact that the tablet does not have such a complexfillings, like in a laptop, it consumes much less energy. If you need to recharge the laptop after 2-3 hours, the tablet will work honestly all day, at least 10-12 hours. So, if you do not want to constantly think about where to recharge the battery, focus better on the tablet.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  5. Also do not forget that the tablet is greatnot only for work, but for entertainment. Watching a movie on a tablet will make your long trip not so boring. True, the tablet does not have a normal video card, but it provides graphics, however, pretty decent. And the screen of the tablet, though it's small, is better in quality than the screen of the laptop and causes less eye strain.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  6. In travel the tablet is convenient not only for its weightand size. You can download a lot of information you need: dictionaries, guidebooks, maps. And the support for Wi-Fi and 3G make it simply irreplaceable.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  7. If the tablet falls, with him, in principle, nothingwill happen. Plates are much easier to tolerate various falls. All you need is a reboot. Imagine what will happen to the laptop after the fall?

Advantages of a laptop

And now all the same it is necessary to show advantages of a laptop in comparison with a tablet.

  1. One of the main advantages of a laptop is availabilitya normal keyboard on which you can very quickly type or edit any text. Yes, the tablet has a touchscreen keyboard, but many people do not think it's the most convenient. In addition, it is quite difficult to get used to such a keyboard.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

    On a note! The tablet keyboard is great forpoint touches, but is very poorly suited for typing any text. When choosing a device, think what is more important for you. If you need to type at least a small text fragment - a laptop is certainly preferable.

  2. The performance and power of laptops are alwaysmuch more than tablets, so they are suitable for performing complex jobs. Simple office programs, of course, are available on the tablet, but with something more powerful the tablet can not cope. The image editor, video or audio on the tablet is not available, and to start any specialized software you will have to use a laptop.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  3. Some inexpensive tablets do not have USB portsfor flash drives, or very few of them. As a result, it often turns out that you can not view the information on the tablet or connect a mobile modem. For notebooks such a problem does not exist, it necessarily has all the necessary ports in sufficient quantity.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  4. Internet access from a laptop will never beYour headache, unlike the option, if you use a tablet. The fact is that most sites at the moment are not optimized for viewing from tablets, the traditional Internet is oriented still more to the owners of stationary computers and laptops. And although the mobile Internet is also developing rapidly, this problem remains urgent.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  5. If you are going to play complex 3D games -choose, of course, a laptop, not a tablet. A powerful video card, an incommensurably larger amount of RAM and a user-friendly interface - without these advantages it will be difficult to play. In addition, many games on the tablet just will not go, because they are not intended for him.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  6. On laptop hard disks you can store muchmore information than in the tablet. This is a kind of price of small size and ease of the tablet - it holds little data, so the information must be constantly transferred to external media. The notebook on the volume of hard disks is quite comparable with a stationary computer. If you are dealing with large amounts of information, the tablet will not work for you.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

  7. Notebook, in contrast to the tablet, isabsolutely independent device, it does not require additional equipment for normal operation, it works autonomously. But tablets usually need to connect to another computer - to activate, store information, copy and even to run some programs. If you only need one computer in the house, be guided by a laptop.Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

As you can see, the tablet and laptop can not be put inone row and choose between them something better. These are really two completely different devices that are oriented to different tasks. The tablet is designed so that you can at any time watch the movie, read a book, go online and listen to music, that is, mainly for entertainment. The tablet is specially made so that you can always take it with you. The laptop is not just all of the above functions, but a full-fledged computer. You can use the laptop for any purpose: work, games, watching movies, going online. What is better - a tablet or laptop - definitely can not be said. It is best to have both.

Which is better: a tablet or laptop?

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