How to configure a WiFi laptop-laptop network?To connect laptop to laptop, you can use the network cable andconfigure the local network. However, the connection is not always successful, and there may not be a network cable at hand. Well, if both laptops are equipped with WiFi, then there is a way out. You can install WiFi network laptop-notebook. How to do it?

WiFi network laptop-laptop can be built from two laptops in which there is an internal or external WiFi module. The process of installing a home WiFi network is reduced in this case to just a few simple steps.

Step one - turn on both the laptop and the adapter. Typically, the built-in WiFi module in laptops must be turned on with a special switch. The external WiFi module starts its operation from the moment of connection to the included laptop.

Step two - make the necessary settings on the first laptop. To install a WiFi network laptop-laptop on a laptop, for example, with OS Widnows XP, you need to enter the "Control Panel" and select the "Network connections". In this folder, you should find the "Wireless Network Connection" item. Right-click the shortcut menu and select Properties.

In the window that opens, select the "Wireless network". To create a WiFi network laptop-laptop, you need to click the "Add" button.

In the new window that opens, you should specify name for wireless network - it can be anything. The name should be written only in Latin. In the wireless network key settings, you must specify that data encryption is disabled and authentication is open. To do this, select the appropriate items from the drop-down lists.

It is important not to forget during connection setupcheck the box to confirm that the connection is between two computers and you do not need to use the wireless access point.

After the network name is specified and the security key settings are configured, you can click the "OK" button and return to the previous window by going to the "General" tab. Now you need to configure the TCP / IP protocol settings. The settings of these parameters are as follows:

  • highlight the TCP / IP item;

  • click the "Properties" button;

  • select "Use the following IP address";

  • enter any IP-address (in the format of;

  • Click the left mouse button on the field to edit the subnet mask address - the address will appear automatically.

Step three is the execution of the corresponding settings on the second laptop. No new networks need to be added, butyou only need to manually specify the IP address for this laptop. To do this, on the second laptop, open the TCP / IP properties window and enter the address. The IP addresses of the first and second laptops are almost the same, only the last digit is different. For example, if the IP address of the first laptop is, then the second address can be or, and so on.

After confirming all the changes, you need to right click on the item "Wireless network connection"On the second laptop and select" View available wireless networks ". To see a list of available networks after the changes made, you need to update it.

Now you can connect to a laptop-created laptop with a laptop. However, each other's laptop files are not yet "see ". To make the necessary folders available for viewing over the WiFi network of a notebook laptop, you need to open shared folders for these folders. It is not difficult to do this.

Right-click on theicon of the desired folder, thus calling the context menu. In the context menu, select the "Properties" item. In the window that will open, in the "Access" tab, select "Share this folder". After clicking the "OK" button the folder will become available for viewing on another laptop.

To see available ("shared") folders through the WiFi network laptop-laptop, you must type in the address bar of the browser orin the My Computer window, the IP address of the other laptop. For example, to see the available files and folders of the laptop with the address from the laptop with the IP address, then you need to enter the combination \ in the window of the first laptop.

How to configure a WiFi laptop-laptop network?
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