How do I clean my laptop keyboard?No matter how carefully we worked at the computer,his keyboard becomes dirty with time. And if you clean the keyboard of a regular PC, it's relatively easy, then you'll have to tinker with cleaning the laptop keyboard, because it's not an external device, it's part of your laptop. How do I clean my laptop keyboard?

Cleaning the laptop keyboard is able to "extendlife "to your computer. Why? Yes, it's very simple. If the dust and dirt get inside the keyboard of a normal computer, the only thing that they will put out of action is the keyboard itself. But The dirt from the laptop keyboard can get on its "stuffing", and then your laptop will order for a long time to live.

The same is connected with the complexity of cleaning the laptop keyboard. Inadvertent cleaning may damage the entire notebook. In addition, for a thorough cleaning of the laptopyou might have to make out. Doing this yourself is rather risky, especially if you are afraid that you will not be able to collect it later. And if the laptop is under warranty, then after disassembly, assembly, it will be lost.

So, how do I clean my laptop keyboard? First, let's figure out what kind of cleaning you need - superficial or deep. Surface cleaning Clears the keys and space between the buttons, deep cleaning helps also to remove dust from contacts toit did not settle on the internal devices of the laptop. The laptop keyboard needs both types of cleaning, but the more you produce the surface, the less you will have to produce a deep one.

Clean the laptop keyboard will help you special soft brushes and napkins, they are sold in shops sellingcomputer equipment and consumables. Brushes are used to remove dust and dirt between the keys, and napkins - to clean the keys themselves. Such cleaning is more likely preventive, and it needs to be done regularly. Can buy special cleaning kit, which includes a brush, napkin and cleaning fluid, it will help clean the laptop keyboard more thoroughly.

If there is no special liquid for rubbing the keys, you can take advantage of what is at hand. But If you have acetone or other aggressive substances at your fingertips, forget about them. They can not only erase the paint from the keyboard, but also melt the shell of your laptop.

To clean the laptop keyboard in the absence of special cleaning products, you can use diluted isopropyl alcohol (ethyl alcohol or vodka can erase the paint from the keys) and soft rags. Do not overdo with the liquid so that it does not drip between the keys on the pins. If you still cleaned the keyboard so hard that the letters on the keys are erased, buy special stickers on the keys.

For deep cleaning, some use vacuum cleaners for keyboards, receiving power from USB. But in fact, the power of these vacuum cleaners is too small to allow you to clean the keyboard contacts normally. So such a cleaning in the end will still come out superficial.

For a thorough deep cleaning you need to use a can of compressed air. Air from it comes under strong pressure, allowing blowing out the dust settling on the contacts. But too "powerful" cans should not be bought, so as not to damage the keyboard inadvertently.

Finally, you can disassemble the keyboard by removing the keys with a screwdriver, and clean the rubber bands and contacts with a special cleaning agent and a soft cloth or a special sponge. But you need to do this very carefully, if you are not sure of the result - do not take it.

Keys can not be torn down, just gently prune with a smallscrewdriver and carefully remove from the keyboard body. Remove the keyboard neatly, so as not to break off the cable that connects it to the motherboard. Keys, by the way, it is desirable to first take a picture, then to safely return them to their place.

So now you know how to clean the keyboardbut just in case, we repeat the main points. For regular cleaning and disinfection of keys it is better to use special napkins, brushes and cleaning fluid. Periodically, you also need to do a deep cleaning with compressed air. Disassemble the laptop keyboard for cleaning is not necessary, if you are not 100% sure that you can collect everything in its original form, so much so that the laptop will then work.

How do I clean my laptop keyboard?
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